Tuesday Interlude


I love this ethereal video made by Sarah Wickliffe (http://www.wickpix.com/)…with a poetic appearance by Neruda. Followed it up with a Cure chaser. Because, you know, the Cure.


Until we meet in other worlds, traveller.



10 thoughts on “Tuesday Interlude

      1. The Chaos Realm

        How was the concert? I went for my first time for the Wild Mood Swings tour! Same here, with the childhood love of the Cure…must have been…eleven? twelve?

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  1. Me too! My older brothers had the earlier albums and I think I was 13 when The Head on the Door came out. The concert was really good – big venue but it was outdoors (The Shoreline, near San Francisco) and once it got dark they didn’t seem so far away 😉
    Favorite songs?

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    1. The Chaos Realm

      That sounds like a great venue! Wow, favourite songs….that’s a hard one. *laughs* One hundred years is my all-time fav, if I had to pick one. Charlotte sometimes, Caterpillar, Six different ways, A letter to elise, Jupiter Crash, Cut here, Exploding Boy, A Thousand Hours, One more time, Boys don’t cry–it’s easier to say what songs I don’t like. I’d have to say Fascination Street and Love Song, just because they were played to death on the radio and on MTV growing up.


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