Tuesday Interlude…


A bit late, but that’s the loveliness of time travel…or my creative wishful thinking.

I stopped over in this dimension to enjoy a rare social outing with Santa Fe Gamers at Rowley Farmhouse Ales.

Engaging board games, the even rarer lightning spectacle, and a first-time tasting of Zia Piñon Kola.

I carried with me a feeling of serendipity, aka synchronicity, to the board games meet-up. I had an inkling that, somewhere, my ghost muse was gaming as well. Just imagination, says my practical side…

8 thoughts on “Tuesday Interlude…

  1. If you’re ever in Berkeley, you’ll probably like Victory Point cafe – huge selection of games to try along with good coffee, snacks and beer. Here’s my Green Star review of it: https://www.yelp.com/biz/victory-point-cafe-berkeley?hrid=ibjutE-q4M7yXWetBg4PFg

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  2. It’s like taco tuesday…on a wednesday!
    we’re getting our board game on tomorrow night.

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  3. I like board game parties too 🙂


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