Friday Wordlings…


I lost quite a few things during my last journey, so I’ve been retracing my steps in hopes of collecting them.

Things have just been…things.

Also, I’m afraid I’ve neglected my muse(s) as of late, but I took them on a blissfully simple summer picnic at the beach.*

I’ve been losing everything. It’s all sliding through cracks in the universe. Momentum. Focus. Dates. Stuff somebody just told me the day before. Or five minutes ago. Time goblins at work, maybe. Or I’ve gotten old in the space of a week.

In addition to the goblins that are taking up most of my brain space, I’ve had little wordlings floating around in my head. They seem significant, but that’s the curse of the creative sort. It seems wonderfully magical, or horribly prosaic. Still, I’ll put them away for safekeeping. Just in case the goblins get hungry.

a forest of ferns

endless, seething thunderstorms

ancient worlds with no humans

essence of summer

second chance to be a kid

Jurassic plants

friendly demons

scientific magic

horse guardians

a rainbow’d unkindness of ravens

*Disclaimer: This is complete fiction. I’m nowhere near a beach. Except in dreamworlds. But I’ll send you a map if you bring the picnic. Or surprise me with a new When.†

†also fiction‡

‡But also possibly real in some other dimension.





14 thoughts on “Friday Wordlings…

  1. I have those too, I write them down in a little note book. Sometimes great ideas come out of them, sometimes not. It’s really cool that you posted them! I like ‘ancient worlds with no humans’ and ‘horse guardians.’ They both sound really evocative.


    1. The Chaos Realm

      Nice! I have tons of notebooks, as well as scraps of paper all over the place. Being somewhat typically Virgoean and mutable in nature (think organized chaos), I have labelled folders for all my thought scraps…”Romance/Poetics”, “Sci-Fi/Fantasy”, etc. *laugh* Feel free to steal any for inspiration!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks, you never know, maybe I will steal one or two. I’m sure the short phrase could lead to vastly different stories by different authors. I don’t keep my notes nearly as organized, I think it’s great that you do.

        Liked by 1 person

      1. The Chaos Realm

        Aww… I really want to read your book. Someday, when have money and time, I’ll tackle my growing to-read list on Goodreads!


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