Lost and Found


Lost and Found

The store had everything

Everything I gave away

and wish I hadn’t

plus everything I wanted

but didn’t need

and even a couple of things I secretly did.

The best part about thrift stores is

you find what you weren’t looking for

among all the people from my past

and present

you were there, talking about

a tennis lesson in Florida,

of all things.

Even more improbable,

I was playing matchmaker, yet

I disentangled myself from the woman

who wanted to meet you

in real life.

Near my old record collection,

we eloped, trying to find a world

where no-one knew us,

but my past found me,

that thief of impossible worlds,

and I lost you, too.


2 thoughts on “Lost and Found

  1. Is it a unicorn store???

    Liked by 1 person

      OMG I read this post, and I was like “sounds like me” especially the “Not be a Disappointment” part, and then remembered to check my comments and read yours #serendipity #synchronicity. Lately, I’ve been reconnecting with things I loved as a kid and which got pushed aside…sorry this comment’s rambling as I’m still waking up, but I’m sure you can grasp the point(s). *laugh*


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