Flash Floods and Bishop’s Lodge Horses

This video was taken at about 7 pm. Flash floods and heavy rains and Bishop Lodge Resort’s horses left to fend for themselves, as seen in this video that was sent to me. Will keep you posted on their fate. As of 10:36 pm, Animal Control still hadn’t gone to check on the horses.


I went by at midnight to check on the horses. They were not in the pen, and there was no more water gushing through the corral.  Even with the water that had gushed through the pen, the smell of the poop was terrible. And I like horse poop smell. I was trying not to gag as I was using my flashlight to check the corral.

Today, July 24, at about 7 am, my friend took videos of the horses, which were back in the corral. There seem to be a couple missing, but my friend will confirm this when she does a head count. (She did a head count–eight were accounted for, so there doesn’t seem to be any missing.) Here are the videos she has taken.



It also just occurred to me to share the photo I have of the people in charge at Bishop’s Lodge, in case you all want to add your voice. It’s also managed by Auberge Resorts, according to the website.



17 thoughts on “Flash Floods and Bishop’s Lodge Horses

    1. Not so far. Heard back from the Animal Protection of NM. They just asked if Animal Control ever went out there after I called. Haven’t heard back, yet. Now, at least, I have an ally in the cause–the person who took the video…a local artist named Claire Libin. The video was picked up by WeatherNation and ABC News.

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    1. Local artist Claire Libin, went by and counted them, based on her earlier video, and they are all alive. Now I have an ally in the fight to get them into a better living situation. They have been in that same pen for over a year.


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