Inspiration by way of Manman Brigitte


Among the tools I draw on for creative inspiration is tarot cards. The skeptic in me doesn’t believe in fortune-telling; instead, I use them for guidance when I’m feeling a little lost or am in transition.

Today I drew the card of Manman Brigitte from the New Orleans Voodoo Tarot. (You can purchase it via that link, if you’re interested in the deck.).

Since the book and deck is copyrighted, I’ll refrain from including detailed descriptions from the tarot deck’s book, but it does allude to her being an advocate of change.

According to the Maman Brigitte entry on Readers & Rootworkers website, she acts as both healer and judge, and is linked with Brigid in Celtic mythology (or St. Brigid, depending on your viewpoint).

Wikipedia has more about her link with Brigid:

Justice, retribution, healing, transition–plenty of writerly inspiration to be found in any of these areas. Especially if you, like me, write in one of the speculative fiction genres.

This morning I spent retiring my Facebook page from my social media collection. Because, you know, Facebook, although I also had other reasons for doing so.

I hope you have a productive writing day!

Wee Quiz: Facebook, Yay or Nay?



20 thoughts on “Inspiration by way of Manman Brigitte

  1. Nay, a thousand nays. But I never felt comfortable there.

    About the Tarots … I’ve been reading them for close to fifty years. Primarily the Pamela Coleman Smith deck. I always refused to get a book on the meanings of the cards. I had the belief the archetypal symbols are there, full-blown, in the brain. The meanings further strengthen and become more enriched as we seek out associations in our daily living. I’ll be doing a blog post on the Tarots soon. Keep an eye out for it.

    By the way, thank you for subscribing. I honestly don’t know how you did it though. My son has been in the process of changing the name with WordPress from SeptuagenarianJourney to Bondingfyre. I haven’t been able to access it for over a week. Somehow you slipped under the cracks–thank God!

    I’m apologizing in advance for using your comment box to talk about “me” but I couldn’t find your email address. Which would have been a more appropriate venue.

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    1. I also do not feel very comfortable on Facebook. A strange atmosphere, that place has. That would be a very good question re: subscribing. *laugh* I’m just going to attribute it to being very, let’s just say, tenacious! And, regarding the Tarot, I sometimes use the book just to get warmed up, but then my instincts/intuition takes over. People have said I give pretty accurate readings, but you know how that phenomenon goes. Maybe I should post an email somewhere LOL. I have an online form to fill out on my blog, and a mailing list, but I can’t figure out how to boost the mailing list visual in my links. Thanks for commenting, and reading!


    1. Maybe the fairies liked it so much they took it for themselves. *winks* I have a Tarot of the Old Path deck that I love. (And I just looked up the Witches’ Tarot and it’s made by the same artists/company that did the old path tarot!

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  2. I used to do tarot readings for myself whenever I was going through a really difficult time. It was uncanny how much the cards I drew pertained to whatever I was asking, but I know many people would say that was just how I interpreted them.

    Whatever the case, they are fascinating, just for the artwork alone.

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