The Stories They Tell…

Who knew posting dream homes of the day on Facebook would have been so…controversial? *laugh*

But at least it helped me determine what social media venues I prefer.

Here’s the thing, though: I still love old things. Vintage. Historic. Derelict. Abandoned. Lost and then found objects.

I believe in historic preservation, for many different reasons, and not just because of my personal aesthetic preference. 

Mainly because for each “brand-new house” with open floor plans, granite countertops, and stainless steel appliances, that’s even more wild, undeveloped nature that’s lost. And we’re running out of space for animals and trees. I’ve seen this firsthand in Florida’s insane push for development, aided and abetted by questionably ethical local politicians.

I love the email newsletters I get from sites like Old House Dreams (they have an Old House Overseas as well) and Circa Houses.


So, in the spirit of historic preservation, here’s a writing prompt for today: Find an abandoned or older home in your neighbourhood and tell its story.

Feel free to share your flash fiction story (or a link to your short story) below! Or share your own art.

6 thoughts on “The Stories They Tell…

      1. We moved when I was a teenager and there was an old abandoned house across the driveway. We went into the house and found really old letters and stamps. There were a few other things but nothing as cool as those letters. We always said that a lady lived there and her husband went off to war and that’s who the letters were from (we couldn’t read them). It was fun to imagine their story.

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