Stray Dogs and Mad…Owners.


I rescued yet another stray/unwanted/dumped animal this week.

This one was a scared puppy running around; collar with no tags, and most likely without a microchip.

Animal Control came and got it.

It was not neutered, of course.

I’m keeping watch on the shelter website. Will call to check on the pup today.

No lost pet ads for a dog matching that description.

I’m hoping since it had a collar, it has a frantic owner out there. 

If it’s not claimed, that means another animal waiting for a forever home in the shelter.

Or the even more unfortunate and heart-breaking alternative of being euthanized.

Because there are too many irresponsible and fickle pet owners, and not enough homes for their unwanted animals.

So, please, if you adopt an animal, make sure you are in for the long haul. Some pets may even outlive you, so think ahead and plan for the animal’s future in your will and in your estate planning.

Choose the right pet for your household. Many shelters are more than happy to assist you in picking the right pet, to ensure placement success! Oftentimes, parents and guardians get trendy pets for their children that require a lot of care and special attention, like rabbits, which may not be the most suitable pet for a household with young children. An older, more sedate and calm dog or cat is probably a better choice than an animal that requires special handling to avoid injury to both animal and child.

Senior pets are often overlooked in shelters but make wonderful pets. My own two cats lived to be 20 and 21, respectively.

Moving with animals is relatively easy with the right planning–there’s no need to leave them behind. And leaving them locked in an empty house or apartment carries the risk that they will not be discovered in time to save them from a torturous demise.

Some may take affront to this post. I’m not going to apologize. Over a million healthy, lovable, adoptable pets are euthanized each year in the United States alone, based on recent statistics i retrieved from this website:

There’s no reason why you have to adopt a breed dog. Not when you can search Petfinder for the type of dog you want. Not when many of those pets come from puppy mills, or have many issues and illnesses from inbreeding. And many breed animals/designer pets end up in shelters because their owners were following a trend and got rid of the animal when it was passe’ or too much work.

And, I’m a firm supporter that spaying and neutering your pets should be mandatory in every state in the United States.

Letting your animal breed is just as irresponsible as abandoning your pet. Especially when there are low-cost (or even free) spay/neuter programs sponsored by animal shelters and/or animal rescue groups.

Lastly, keep your dog leashed. If you have a fenced area they can’t escape from, that’ll probably be good too. Definitely keep your cat indoors. Cats are free-roaming*, and risk not only being a nuisance to your bird-loving neighbours (cats’ impact on local wildlife populations is extremely detrimental) but also prevents them from being attacked by wildlife or dogs. 

Please don’t leave your dog alone in the yard all day. Both dogs and free-roaming/outdoor cats are easy prey for individuals who scour neighbourhoods for pets to use as bait animals in dog-fighting, or capture them to sell to labs for animal testing.

In the same light, do not post your animal for free in the want ads. They are also a source for people to gain animals for the two situations listed above.

*TNR feral cats are a little different situation. But, they still need to be fixed and have shots. I have two myself that had been abandoned, and which I took on the duties of being their colony manager. I’m still working on socializing them in hopes they will be indoor cats at some point.





23 thoughts on “Stray Dogs and Mad…Owners.

  1. Th a la for this . I have a rescue cat myself, a plain old moggie, and she’s lovely. But it seems like every time I hear someone planning to get a dog now, it’s a specific breed, a cockapoo, labradoodle, cockalabradoodledoo, whatever.

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    1. That is so sad. How are your rescue groups/rescue shelters where you live? It’s okay here, I guess, but not like in my hometown. I had a really good working relationship back in Florida with the Animal Control officers and the Sheriff’s Office.

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  2. Do not apologize. Thank you so much for writing this post! ❤ We have a long way to go where animal rights are concerned. Progress will only happen with education. If the truth is ugly, it doesn't mean we get to ignore it.

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  3. Thank you so for sharing this Willow. It’s such an important message for all of us. I know if anything happens to my Tootsie (cat) I’d be devastated. I don’t know how people can treat their animal friends so horrible by doing some of the things you mention in your post.

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    1. What kind of cat is Tootsie? I love cat pics. And, I know…I was so invested in the welfare of all my cats…they were more than just cats. They were my BFFs, my family, and my babies. Having said that, one of the first cats I had I let be an indoor/outdoor, to my mistake (this was before I got really into animal rescue and learned from a bunch of great mentors), and it’s just problematic all the way around. It’s easier to move with a pet that’s been used to indoor life, it’s a lot less stress as a pet owner when you’re not worrying about where they are and when they don’t come home, and you also don’t spend $$$ to take them to the vet when they get an abscess wound from scrapping with cats and raccoons and who knows what else. If I could go back and do it over again, I wouldn’t have let him out, he was one of those special cats that comes along once in a lifetime (or maybe more than once, if you believe in reincarnation!).

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      1. My Tootsie is a Bengal and she is my fur baby 😊 . I live in a condo, so the only outside she goes is the hallway lol. Even so I would I’ve considered letting a cat go roaming about. I’d be too worried wondering what’s happening.

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      2. Exactly! And you brought up another good point–with my indoor/outdoor kitty, it was always difficult in finding the right kind of housing. The whole “it-has-to-have-a-yard” and surrounded by lots of other yards and little traffic situation raised the cost of housing/rent expenses!

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      3. Oh, Willow she totally owns me 😅 her personality is how can I say this “give me whatever I want hooman. She’s very affectionate and always wants to talk and hangout with me. She’s really sweet.

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