Where to Write? (Location, Location, Location)


Have pen, will travel...

I’ve been a little at loose ends. Scattered and off-kilter.

But I’ve been discovering that wandering around with that “lost-between-worlds” feeling is a staple for me as an emerging writer.

But back in the real world, I’m having to look for a new locale. 

I miss the the ocean. Lush forests. I even miss the swamps of my home state. But economics, of course, are playing a large role in the quest.

Even though my search has to be practical, I still like dreaming over the maybe-someday homes at Old House Dreams. (Who could resist this one that lends itself to a horror writer persona? https://www.oldhousedreams.com/2019/06/05/c-1940-log-deerbrook-wi/)

Location, to me, has evolved to be an essential part of my creative life. (Perhaps it always was but I wasn’t paying attention in the drive to be somebody; anybody.) I draw inspiration from my locale. From the atmosphere I’m in. I’ve heard other writers have their favourite places they go to seek creative nourishment. Some write in noisy cafes, some seek out solitude, others, well, I’d be interested to know what your go-to places are to write, to refresh, to find that next great idea.

Share in the comments, if you like.


18 thoughts on “Where to Write? (Location, Location, Location)

  1. Great post. When I lived in Arizona in my student days, a lot of my writing was done outside the door of the metal works factory where I worked alone at night. I would see an eagle, the sun both set and rise, another bird… all kinds of things inspired me there.

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  2. I can totally see how your writing atmosphere can make a big difference in your actual writing. I prefer some place where I can be alone, and certain weather seems to help too, especially crisp gloomy days. 🙂

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    1. That would be amazing…one of my dreams is to take a slow travel trip around the world. But, given the state of the world, that feels more and more indulgent… (re: climate change and mass global extinction)

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  3. Sound and stillness matter more to me when I’m writing than the location. As long as the TV isn’t on in the other room and e-notifications aren’t chiming, and people are walking by, I can write anywhere. Quiet, still, write.

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  4. I need quiet to write. My favorite place to write is on my glass desk looking at the Sierras. There’s something about the mountains that sparks my mind. I hope that you get back to your favorite writing place again and, if not, then I hope that you find a new, beautiful and inspiring writing place.

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