Seeking Simplicity…

Seeking Simplicity...

According to my National Day Calendar, today is Simplicity Day.

Boy, do I want to launch the Simplicity Revolution single-handedly.

But I can only revolutionize my own life, in this case. Otherwise, I’d be the dictator of the world. Which I’ve entertained in daydreams about one of my future lives, I’m afraid I have to admit. 

So, I am really thinking hard, and putting those thoughts into action by transitioning to a simpler life. 

I don’t have cable. Cable companies extracting $150-$200/month (or more!!!) for their services? No, thank you. That’s $1800-2400 a month! Absurd! Even if I had the money, I wouldn’t give it to the cable companies. And they’ve somebody managed it so that you can’t even view the public access channels anymore.

My big pet peeve, though, with cable companies and internet companies and phone companies is that it seems there is zero accountability. 

It’s like when you buy any appliance that they are still manufacturing to break down within a few years, and then say “you have to buy a warranty plan if you want to guarantee that it will continue to work even in that small window of time.” Seriously? Is no-one paying attention to how consumers’ rights are just being gutted? Buy an appliance that’s a gamble if it’s even going to work? Are you kidding me? Why have technology if it doesn’t work?

So, here you are, in the same way, paying for internet and cable and phone service every month and it doesn’t even work properly. Or the equipment breaks and you have to pay to have it repaired. And now companies just absolve themselves of responsibility by training their support and tech teams to play the customer blame game; stating it’s your connected devices and equipment that’s not working and that there’s nothing wrong with their service.

And I’m trying to resist getting on my soapbox about the (failure) of medical care today, as that’s also a really personal issue.

So, I do wonder when people are going to say enough. I think people are moving that way. 

I mean, I think that internet is not going away. I use it (on a learning curve) to build my author platform. But I stay away from Facebook. I use Canva to post on Twitter, Pinterest, and sometimes Tumblr. And I have my blog, of course. As a writer, I have to submit everything over the internet, although I wish I could submit things the old way.

But I’m at the point where I want to return to basics. Snail mail. Get correspondence to my mailing address. I’d even rather talk to people on the phone, but I have such bad reception that I’m stuck paying for, that I can’t even manage that. Still, I’m working on weaning myself off my movie streaming provider. Transition back to reading a book in the evenings. Other creative pastimes. 

So, do you agree that simplicity is going to be humanity’s next social revolution? If so, how do you plan to join the fight?

Share your thoughts, links to your blogs/articles/stories, or other means of sharing your ideas in the comments below.




13 thoughts on “Seeking Simplicity…

  1. I agree! We got rid of cable years ago and I haven’t missed it once. I refuse to pay for anything I can get free and it works just as good if not better. 🙂 I still look forward to getting snail mail, even if it’s just a catalog. I miss the days of my mailbox being filled with goodies.

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  2. No doubt many (most) of us have the trait of a Luddite within us for certain aspects of our life. I personally hate the fads associated with food, exercise, and apparel. I’d eat the most basic of nutrient laden foods, walk to work or shovel dirt to build a dam, and wear old jeans and a t-shirt and 30 year old boots.
    A slice of progress sucks, until it doesn’t. I hate modern life but I love having the world’s knowledge at my fingertips. I hate my phone but love being able to identify an unknown plant through Plantnet photo Id service. And so on and so forth.
    Our “simplified life” rests on the mountains of progress of thousands of generations.
    “That’s $1800-2400 a *year*!”

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  3. Finding a balance is extremely important, and I think it’s getting harder and harder to do that. There is definitely a need to simplify and focus on what’s important, to help remember that all these distractions have their place but shouldn’t be a full time job. And you will definitely feel a hundred times better after reading a book in the backyard then streaming a movie in the basement!

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  4. You Asked — “So, do you agree that simplicity is going to be humanity’s next social revolution? If so, how do you plan to join the fight?”

    My Response — It will be simpler for the user and more complex for the programmer.

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  5. theburningheart

    I am a Luddite, do not own a fancy phone but own a cheap one pay $7 a month, no internet, just unlimited calls, love the Internet, but I keep it as basic as I can get it price wise, at home for my PC no high speed, or packets added to it, if I want entertainment I seek it myself, besides rarely do, I got a lot of books to read, TV I got rid of it many years ago, when they made impossible for you to see your basic channels without switching to cable, they offered you a converter for $40, but it was ridiculous, I could only get ABC network, plus other two channels, and not my favorite PBS when their transmission tower station was 5 blocks from my house! 😡

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