WordPress Woes

It seems that perhaps I need to hire someone to design my website.

I have spent all morning trying to get the WordPress features to work right, during my attempt to redesign my blog.

And I discovered that my plan no longer allows me to have Happiness Engineer assistance on the weekends, though that is how it was when I first purchased my plan.

Anyone else unhappy with WordPress as of late?


27 thoughts on “WordPress Woes

      1. I’ll bet! And, you know, I went on Twitter, which I complained about in an earlier blog, and it’s so much easier to go through your list of followers (with the revamp), then it is on WordPress.

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  1. 😮 Huh? The Happiness Engineers do not work on weekends?

    Anyway, I hate not having the freedom to adjust the fonts on the new batch of WordPress themes (That can only be done by using CSS; which is only accessible to those with paid plans).

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  2. I’ve been noticing a lot of glitches lately with WP and it’s so frustrating. It will tell me I’m not following a blog when I know I am. So I have to refresh the page every time. Comments aren’t going through on some. It’s getting on my nerves. 🤔

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    1. You know, it’s been years since that glitch with the follow/not follow has been going on. It’s like “Why don’t they fix anything?” I’ve had to refresh pages I visit so many times till it says I’m following them.

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      1. I have noticed that some people who follow should be in the spam folder. The follower count is inaccurate also.

        Some people have recommended other blogs, or a ‘back-up’ but that might be more of a hassle. I think there is a discussion board on here somewhere to ask for problems to be fixed.

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      1. I’m so glad you mentioned that…I was thinking that it was a problem with my internet service. It’s bizarre. And strange, given that I just posted a blog complaining about Twitter, but WordPress could take a page from them, because it’s a lot easier to go through the follow list on Twitter than it is WordPress.

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