My New Writer’s Website On Weebly… (and a sort-of farewell tribute to WordPress)

You can find my new author page on Weebly here:

I haven’t been on Weebly yet long enough to uncover all its glitches and problems, but I’m sure they’ll crop up sooner or later. Right now, I LOVE it! It’s so simple and easy and hassle-free that I’m rolling in clover (I had to sneak in a little nod to St. Patty’s day, since the shutdown prevented any green-beer celebrating on that day.)

So, fellow WordPress bloggers, I’ll be on reading, still, and posting blogs/reviews (I hope!) for Katzenworld and Madness Heart Press; and hopefully commenting a lot more on your blogs now that I’m not mired in WordPress glitchy glitches. I’ll have to rebuild my follower list over there, and I haven’t tested yet if my website pops up as high-ranked (?)/immediately on browser searches as it did with WordPress.

But, oh, WordPress, how I’ll miss when you tell me I’m not following a blog when I am. You especially love to target bloggers that I’ve followed/have been following me for a while (waves at Pacific Paratrooper/GP Cox–yes, I still remember that!), and then suddenly, inextricably, mysteriously (I could go on forever, but I won’t.) unfollow them. Without rhyme or reason.

Or when I was just on the Blessings By Me blog yesterday (check out the hand sanitizer holders in her shop: )and the “Accept Cookies” bar was drifting up and down the screen, no matter how many times I accepted it. I guess WordPress didn’t want me to have any cookies with my dairy-free milk, or, better yet, make some awesome things on a budget while the nation closes down.

Another favorite thing I loved about was to tell me I wasn’t logged in when I was, while the nation closes down.which made it especially fun when I was trying to like a fellow blogger’s post. I loved having to reboot the page several times before it accepted that I was logged in, which WordPress told me I was logged in only when I went back to my profile page, or even when I went to post a blog post of my own.

Again, I could go on, but I won’t. I’m sure you’d rather be offline reading a book or paying attention to your long-neglected Netflix queue or doing puzzles ( or working from home or taking your dog (but not your cat!) for a nice long walk through some welcoming nature spot.

In any case, stay safe and healthy and weather the isolation with aplomb or indulgently wonderful mopey misery, whichever you prefer, and I’ll start posting more on my new website soon!

And, if you’re feeling lonely, you can’t get Coronavirus from a cat or a dog or another cute animal waiting in a shelter for a forever home! You can browse adoptable animals in your region on Remember, adopt, don’t shop! And you can get all your pet supplies online at


(None of these links are…what is it? affiliate links?…just stuff I like or happened to come across the past few days–Willow)





44 thoughts on “My New Writer’s Website On Weebly… (and a sort-of farewell tribute to WordPress)

  1. Going to miss you here at WordPress but I sadly relate to everything you’ve said almost. Not sure what’s going on with the platform but the glitches really have been problematic for a bit too long now. 😔

    Congratulations on moving over to Weebly. I hope everyone finds you there quickly and without too much hassle! All the best to you. ♥

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  2. Here’s another WordPress “glitchy glitch” I just love: When I enter my email address to follow a blogger, it often doesn’t go through because WordPress says I’ve entered an invalid email address. This has happened repeatedly although I have only one email address, and I’m careful to enter it correctly. This doesn’t make sense because when I enter the same email address to log in to my WordPress blog (or to comment on this post), there’s no problem. Go figure!

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    1. Well, that depends. I’ll be posting blogs over at the new website, but I’ll still have this up just so I can read and comment on blogs. But the only blogs I’ll be posting will be on the guest sites I sometimes write for.

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  3. Aww thank you for the mention! WP is definitely ticking me off lately. I can comment on some posts and not others. It says I’m not following and I have to keep refreshing pages. The list goes on and on!! I’m subscribed to your new site, too so I don’t miss anything. 😀

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    1. Yes! I forgot about the comments glitch….I suppose we could go on and on about WP issues! And, boy, the endless loop of refreshing WP pages just to get the like button to show up. How’s your lockdown isolation going? And thanks for subscribing to my new page…I’m still trying to figure it all out.

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      1. Yes the list keeps growing!! We’re all good here so far. I don’t mind staying home until someone tells me I have to. Then I think of all the places I want to go! 😀 How’s it going for you?

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      2. Yeah, the only downside is that I lost all my income from my day jobs…it’s good cuz I get to sit at home and introvert, which makes my kitties happy, but I also get to write and putter around all day! I didn’t get to do the book signing I prepared for though!

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      1. Hey, so I went through the list pretty thoroughly (step-by-step) and made the changes I hadn’t done on the blog already. Plus I moved stuff around like the translate button so it was more visible! Thanks again for a great post!

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    1. Done! I added the website, I think, to the Gravatar profile (I’m trying not to be on the fence about the changeover. What Ferlinghetti said was true (I’m probably paraphrasing horrible) “change comes harder to the old [er]” LOL…)

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      1. Oh, I should have read ahead. (I’ll try it). Nope, still going to the old WP post. Take a look at the post I linked to you. And feel free to let me know when you think it’s good and I’ll test it for you. 🙂

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      2. Well, I followed the directions, and I see the website, so I don’t know how else to get it to show up. The new one is not a wordpress website, it’s a weebly one…


      3. It might be that when you’re leaving comments from the WP platform, the WP link shows up instead of the Weebly one. If that’s the case, once bloggers get used to going to your new site, the problem should just fade away. Give everyone time to transition and hopefully it will smooth out.


      4. I have no idea and would hate to steer you wrong, Willow. I don’t think it would delete your page, but it may leave you with no link at all. I have noticed that other dual-platform blogs have left their WP blogs up as a way to get to the new one, but I don’t know if that’s a necessity. I just left a comment on your Weebly site to see what happens when you reply. 🙂

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