Reading Binge and Other Favourite Things…

Well, things are still shut down here in some ways. Mainly because my life has been in shutdown mode since circumstances dictated I had to move to the land of no internet and no cell phone service, otherwise known as the state of New Mexico. *laughs*

But I’m still keeping up with the (now exclusively out-of-state) job search and still writing and pitching as much as I can in the meantime.

And, of course, I’ve been participating in the reading binge a lot of us literary-loving souls have been indulging in since the shutdown started!

In addition to tackling my book to-read pile, I’ve jumped into my magazine/journal to-read stack: Witches & Pagans, Renaissance Magazine, Smithsonian, Preservation Magazine, Writer’s Digest, Poets & Writers, Stonecoast Review, Fireside Quarterly, Celtic Life International, Sirens Call, Apex Magazine, and even Reader’s Digest, as well as many more, both online and in print. (Gone are the days, it seems, when I read the magazine as fast as it arrived in my mailbox.)

Some of these I’ve had subscriptions for a while now, and just never had time with working the day job and trying to launch, and foster, a writing career to finish reading them. Some I got for sample copies to preview.

Some are both, which I carry on a subscription for because I not only want to support magazines and journals, but for which I’ve also become a dedicated fan of.

Among my new favourites are the Ellery Queen/Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazines. The stories are so good! And perfect for pandemic reading!

On that note, then, I’m considering doing a “Favourite Things” feature on my blog here for a little while. I mean, there’s so many great bloggers out there doing interviews and feature pieces on authors already, and I wanted to do something a little different (which, yes, has probably been done before too LOL).

So, if you’re a writer/blogger, reach out to me and I’ll add you to one of the features that I plan to post on Fridays. With each feature I’ll have a new “Favourite Things” question, and I’ll post up answers, and links to your blog and such. It’ll go until I run out of questions to ask!

32 thoughts on “Reading Binge and Other Favourite Things…

  1. Timothy Price

    I’m in Corrales on the outskirts of Albuquerque and had no choice for fast Internet on CenturyLink infrastructure. When both of us were working from home on teleconferencing, I had to get faster Internet. Comcast came through with Gigabit Internet. There is also fast Internet in rural areas through specialty providers. Cell phone coverage is another matter.

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    1. Ah, so you know. Comcast didn’t work either where I’m at. Dealing with Comcast was a disaster all on its own, especially since there were at least three fixes they could have done to their own equipment and they refused to do it. *sigh* I mean, heck, I’m practically in Santa Fe.

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      1. There was this place/island off the coast of Ireland that has really great internet access…they were trying to get people to relocate there (and their business), I would do it if I had the $$$ LOl

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  2. Right before lockdown Sean went out and panic-bought 10 books for me. Back then we thought it would be 2 weeks, which would have been almost enough. But then it just went on and on and I had to resort to ebooks for the first time which has been TRAUMATIZING.

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      1. Sending you an email just to touch base! I haven’t forgotten either, I would say I’m slacking off, but there’s no such thing in my world. Just juggling move and packing and locale scouting and job searching and limited access to internet! Will work up some questions and such and get them to you by Monday *crosses fingers*


  3. You have such great magazines! I’m sure you’re enjoying catching up on all your reading.

    I am a blogger and a wanna-be novelist, but I’m not sure what kinds of favorite things would suit your blog series.

    I bet the internet and cell phone service scarcity is accompanied by lovely views and gorgeous night time skies . . . so, eh, it’s all good.

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  4. Your Friday feature sounds fun 🙂 I am totally feeling for you having those internet issues for so long now!! Ack so frustrating as I know you really like to write and read blogs. I am glad you have lots of reading to immerse yourself in. I loooove learning!

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      1. Oh no, this was pre-pandemic. And Comcast wouldn’t address the issues with their equipment and cables, so I cancelled it. Hopefully things will be better after the relocation move! Have a great day!

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