The Incendiary Power of Change

I meant to post this before, but I was having so many issues with WordPress. My grown-up version of a temper tantrum felt incendiary enough to scorch the whole planet. *laugh*

As you all know, I already tried to change blog sites once, and that didn’t work out. 

I was even more frustrated in trying to deal with WordPress, because I’m in the middle of the move, and lots of other life changes. But today, I was suddenly back into the regular format, or pretty close to it. The only thing I did was go into a draft that I apparently made last time, and then open that. That may be the trick to have it like it was. Because hitting the “classic block” editor” didn’t work. Luckily, things like the feature to add tags was back, and wasn’t disappearing/reappearing. Even little things, like the ability to put in a strikethrough, was back.

Anyway, I wrote a couple of guest blogs that deal with the element of fire as the more productive way of dealing with change and upheaval, sans the temper tantrum!

Please go check them out, and thanks to Katzenworld and Mookychick for the opportunity to write for them!

“Fighting Fire with Fire” on Mookychick:

“The Cat that Walked into the Line of Fire” on Katzenworld:


20 thoughts on “The Incendiary Power of Change

  1. Orca Flotta

    Ditto to the adult temper tantrum.
    Ditto to the Classic Block disappearing.
    Ditto to the Strikethrough.
    I also have a serious problem with qoutes. 😦

    Going into draft is a good hint, thank you. Will try to do that.


      1. Where are you moving to?
        I’ve been struggling a bit too with WP – trying to design a new static homepage but then getting caught up with it not looking good on mobile. Then there’s AMP mode on mobile too, so I spent some time researching that too! Hopefully I can get back to researching and writing content soon!

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      2. Well, I checked out California and Portland and Seattle but they are all too expensive and the move is too expensive as well, so I settled on Kansas for now just so I can get internet. Haven’t moved yet, though! Almost there! Clicking my heels three times didn’t work, unfortunately.

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  2. I went to a few seminars here about the changes coming to WP last year, I think. I was not thrilled or engaged in wanting the change. The blog designers I met were very happy. They make money building sites and this would help them. This month I tried the block editor and failed. I even taught WP, and I failed! My LARA blog was started 9+ years ago and it’s hard to see it go. I’m on blogger and had been posting there anyway. I’M MAD AS HELL.

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