The Myth of Humanity…


I dreamed last night that I owned a casino in South America and, to make things short, I was standing by a jungle river. This fellow that had been splashing around pulled a river dolphin into the shallows, where it (the dolphin) just floated about calmly. The guy got out of the river and, as he passed me, said “Keep an eye on it for me; I’m just going to my truck to get my tools. One blow to the head is all it takes, though, and I’ll have enough meat for me and my family all year.”

I stood there for a minute in the dream, watching the dolphin gently rest in the stagnant shallows at the river’s edge.

Then I acted.

I plunged into the river despite my fancy casino owner’s attire, and pushed the dolphin back into the river’s current. I stood there watching the dolphin swim downstream, and hoped it would be gone before the man came back. 

The man returned with his dolphin-killing club, and he angrily yelled to me from the bank, “Well, someone else downstream is just gonna capture it and kill it. So you didn’t save it at all.”

And I woke myself up out of the dream.

But for most of the morning (and even more than usual as of late) I’ve been musing on the reality of human nature.

And on the kind of human I really want to be, especially when aided by a perhaps typical mid-life transition experience.

Not that there’s any time for self-reflection and navel-gazing. The time to act is now (Actually, the time to act was many years ago…1960s? way before?), in regards to changing our attitudes to animals. To trees. To plants.

It’s time for humanity to be the one to make sacrifices. Dietary sacrifices, livespace sacrifices, personal-possessions sacrifices, mental and emotional sacrifices; to simply just let nature have center stage and top billing for once.

Because humanity in general hasn’t really been all that great in the past.

If you want to debate this, then I suggest you pick up the book I’m reading now: Sea of Slaughter by Farley Mowat. ( Then, maybe, we’ll talk. Or join forces and act, instead.

It’s why, I suppose, I like books in the crime/thriller/horror genre. Because it’s literature that’s often stripped of a rose-coloured view of humanity. There’s minimal illusion there. Human nature is revealed for what it often is–dark, twisted, sadistic, and cruel. It’s unapologetic, most times. (I’ve seen this cruelty firsthand in my years as an animal rescue volunteer and wildlife rehabber.)

Human nature such as in the book I just finished.

It’s One by One by Yawatta Hosby. ( A spooky, unrelentingly dark, twisted-mind story that takes you to a lakeside cabin deep in the backwoods of Virginia. Because what better place for humanity’s inner, and outer, demons to emerge than in a tragedy-ridden log cabin?

And, as for me, as one of too-many humans on this crowded planet, I hope to get better in the New Year.

Downsize my books.

Peel away society’s layers to get to the core of my true self.

Continue to transition to a vegan diet (Thanks for the inspiration, motivation, and recipes, Veganuary! Veganuary | Home | The Go Vegan 31 Day Challenge).

Read more, and watch less. And streamline my social media time.

Get a book published.

Find a place in the world where I can live in more direct connection, and in harmony, with nature.

And, in trying to come to terms with my own fallible human nature, I turned to the Satanic Temple, of which I am now a member. The Satanic Temple – Official website

What scary life changes do you have planned for the New Year, and the so-termed by some Age of Aquarius?








16 thoughts on “The Myth of Humanity…

  1. Orca Flotta

    “I’ll have enough meat for me and my family all year.”

    He got two very compelling reasons for killing that dolphin. One animal life feeds multiple human lifes for a whole year. A fair and eco-friendly trade if you ask me.Now he needs to go and kill hundreds of chickens and cows and pigs to reach the same nutritional effect.


    1. Orca Flotta

      Oh, and one more thing about living vegan: Have you ever watched vegans going on about their daily llife? All their thoughts seem to circle around something as mundane and boring as food intake. They plan their meals hours in advance and put a lot of effort into preparation … only to end up with a not very nutritional meal that mostly tastes like greens. And after a while they develop gout and other illnesses caused by malnutrition.

      That’s not a very dignified way to live ones life.


      1. You got me with the sheer power of your argument. Goodness me, why didn’t I think of that? I wonder if all the high-profile public figures and celebrities would continue to be vegan if they knew how “mundane and boring” and completely undignified their lives were, and continue to be, simply by their decision to be vegan. *laughs* (And, yes, I’m being snarky and sarcastic!)

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    2. I think that the individual that was commenting missed the part that this was a dream. As if that wee fictional dolphin that appeared in my dream could actually feed one person for a whole year, much less “multiple human lifes [sic]”. Not to mention the fact that this individual has somehow calculated that the meat from one tiny imaginary dream dolphin is equal to the meat garnered from “hundreds of chickens and cows and pigs”. I’m guessing this individual, in addition to their typographical error (it’s “lives” by the way, not “lifes”) did not realize that I was relating a sequence of events that only occurred in a dream. (For the sake of further clarity, in the wild and unlikely case an IRS auditor just happens to stumble across my blog, I am really not the owner of a casino in South America! *laughs*)

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  2. What an interesting yet sad dream. I love dolphins and couldn’t imagine anyone killing them, although I suppose it does happen. Your goals for the upcoming year sound excellent–best of luck with that book!

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  3. I read the Satanic Bible by Anton LaVey when I was 16 and found it very interesting. Most of the chapters talked about what evil was not, how evil had been misinterpreted through society, with examples. And the last couple chapters talked about what evil was and it pretty much described humanity and the nasty shit that it does with examples. The devil got me on speed dial *laughs insanely* he comes to me for advice. (Climbs back in coffin before getting burned at the stake)…

    I do the vegetarian/vegan/meat shuffle. Mostly because I fell poor, and ill, then more ill for being poor (and being forced to eat food that makes me sick). It’s complicated. But, I’m slowly moving back to the vegetarian cycle (and subsequently my credit rating is going back up too). Ahem, I’ve been unable to give up cheese or honey but I have cut back on my cheese intake significantly. And just the other day I got soy milk with my Starbucks coffee. The fact that I can even get Starbuck coffee now is irrelevant. But I dids. And soy (it’s the little things). Change is a slow process.

    And don’t even get me started about the fucking dolphins. I haven’t been able to sleep at night ever since I saw the film “The Cove”.

    Oh noes, a curse. This is why I’m unwanted everywhere. My mouth! 1984 is now!!! 😣😨😭😷

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    1. Yeah, I hear that re: coffee from a store. I eat in always, and not just because of COVID. I do love cheese and honey, but milk I can do without. I love soy and coconut milk the best. A fellow blogger has a cool site where he reviews eco-friendly products and non-dairy milk and lots more. Check it out here if you’re interested in reading, or maybe even being a part of it. And I haven’t seen “The Cove”…feel free to tell me more about it! And re: Satanism–I did read Anton LaVey’s book back when I was a kid (probably around the same time I was reading Nin’s Delta of Venus, so about ten or so) but mostly what I knew from Satanism had very machismo overlays, and man, that kind of attitude just pissed me off, so…


  4. Scary life changes? Attempting to forget how my body was in my 20s or when I was Superwoman before becoming super disabled. Uhm, going live more and sharing my fitness journey. Not dying like my daddy did (dead for days) so appreciating my tribe 1000% more. Unfollowing accounts that make me feel jealous and instead following accounts that make me feel good about myself. Not comparing myself to something I will never be (or could be). Loving me including all the parts people have shamed me to not love. Having a new view about myself and how gravity affects my body. How gravity affects everything. Loving something I’ll never have. Allowing myself to mourn a future I’m not going to have (or relationship). Continuing to be open to love even though I myself have never experienced love in return. Feeling. Allowing myself to feel things instead of masking them. I dunno. Continue the path of being human, and not die by suicide (a big one for me). Trying to change my perception and fears of death, growing old, and dying (alone and not with like someone to make it less scary). More tattoos, piercings, and fadish cuts which the Army and government forbid me to do for over 15 years, and I was not allowed to have an identity in my family. I’m still figuring out who I am. Big stuffs.

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