I Am Not a Trump Supporter.

To my blog readers:

I live in the United States.

I did not vote for Trump.

I am not a Trump supporter.

I do not support any Trump supporters.

I have not in the past, and do not, condone the actions of Donald Trump and his supporters.

If you support Trump and condone what those protestors terrorists are doing at this moment, unfollow me. Right now.

15 thoughts on “I Am Not a Trump Supporter.

    1. Nice! I’m not much one for politics, preferring unity over discord, but last night reminded me of what it was like to grow up in Florida. I was like watching the news and saying to myself “please don’t let anybody get killed or hurt”,


  1. I am glad I can keep following you 🙂 So sorry to see what happened. I am sure no one in other countries thinks anything but that a minority is responsible – a minority plus one specific individual, that is.

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      1. I spent my life working for the government that makes me paranoid and broken so I stay out of politics but for different reasons now. My therapist calls it depression. Eh. Indifferent.


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