Talkin’ Turkey #TurkeyFreeThanksgiving

Well, I don’t really celebrate Thanksgiving, but I did kinda want to have something a little different then my usual burritos this week, so I kitchen-indulged in a “Stir-Fried Radish” recipe that was posted up over at Tanooki Homemade Cafe:

I tweaked the recipe a teeny bit, and used fresh radish and mushrooms–mainly because I decided to do this last-minute–so if you want the authentic dried ingredients the recipe suggests, they’re on the original blog post link I shared above.

And I didn’t have any sake to accompany the meal. The grocery store didn’t carry anything other than “some beer” according to the staff person I asked. They suggested going to a local liquor store, but, you know, going to a liquor store during these (COVID/Mass Extinction/Climate Emergency/Liberal-Democrat-Vegetarian-Living-In-Red-State/Insert-Your-Own) times would have probably meant I would have walked out with not only sake, but something like this or just the whole kit and kaboodle.

Anyhoo, the stir-fried radish dish was heavenly, so thanks again, Tanooki Homemade Cafe, for the great meal opportunity! I’d definitely make this again.

So, yeah, it probably goes without a reminder that I’m vegetarian, and even if I weren’t, being up close and personal with a family member’s rescued (They were strays. Seriously.) turkey(s) would make me have second thoughts. Who knew turkeys made such interesting and charismatic pets?

These turkeys were (with a turkey-ton of creative license) the inspiration for the story I wrote for Jersey Pines Ink’s Whodunit anthology (“Two Smart Turkeys”). Care to feast on your own copy? Check it out here:,

And, I have successfully (well, as of today) weaned myself off TV. I already didn’t have cable, but I’ve been renting DVDs from the absolutely fabulous Wichita Public Library System (my most favourite thing about Kansas, so far), so I switched them out for audio books. But for some reason, my quirky calico Moon Pie is not so fond of lap- and brushie time to the accompaniment of audio books, so I may cave and go back to renting DVDs.

The things we do for our pets, right?

And with the cold weather, I’m enjoying curling up with a book (and a few cats!).

As I commented on Twitter, I think this book titled Omens would be a good choice for winter reading, right? Check out the Antimony and Elder Lace Press store, for Omens and all their other great books:

Yes, it’s got my story in it, too, but I am so thankful for all the publishers that have included my stories in their anthologies, journals, and online publications. I need to update my “Wordcraft” page with my more recent publications and, yes, I’ve being meaning to redesign it…

Thank you to all the great publishers/publishing companies out there, including the absolutely amazing one my alter ego (alter alter-ego?) works for, Bronzeville Books. I’m endlessly grateful for the opportunities you all have provided.

Happy feasting, everybody! Thanks for all the support over the years/months/days!


29 thoughts on “Talkin’ Turkey #TurkeyFreeThanksgiving

    1. Ha! Actually, I ran out of crunchy cat treats yesterday (Chewy’s is on the way) and my poor Moon Pie is very upset. Ha! :-p I always tell them “At least you weren’t eaten by a coyote!” LOL (she was a former feral back in New Mexico)

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      1. Actually, one of the other TNR ferals I rescued disappeared for about a week (before I brought them inside and socialised them) had bite marks like something grabbed it on either side. He is fine, but I always romantically picture that his bonded cat buddy attacked the coyote, who dropped the other cat.

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  1. Happy day after thanksgiving, the the stir-fried radish dish sounds really good, I may try it. Good for you about the TV, I haven’t had cable for years, I watch very little TV mostly it’s the Hallmark channel, love those fantasy Christmas movies LOL xo

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    1. Ha, yeah, I’m about as romantic as a rock (no offense to my rock friends, which I’m sure have a wide diversity of romantic sentiments!), but for some reason, I always want to watch those. I checked at the library and I think they even have some on DVD. Ha!

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  2. We already had our Thanksgiving in October (not such a big deal up here) and we celebrate just with family. My aunt is vegetarian and always brings tofurkey, which is pretty delicious! And congrats on all the publishing success! (BTW, the title story in my short story collection, Feasting Upon The Bones, is a dark little piece about a boy and his turkey.)

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  3. Chaplin: “Happy belated Thanksgiving! I am also a fan of DVDs and lap time! Or just you know lap time in general.”
    Charlee: “So am I! But only in Dada’s office and only when he’s facing the Mac, not when he’s facing the work computer.”
    Lulu: “You two are both missing the point of Thanksgiving, which is: Can we have a burrito? It would make us very thankful.”

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  4. OMG thank you so much for trying dear my friend!😍🙌💕✨ I’m glad to know you liked it❤️ And yes, you can definitely substitute some ingredients since it’s not always possible to get dried veggies from general grocery store (it’s a little headache, right? even though I sometimes find it their price is like a piece of jewel!!😂) As long as you enjoy cooking and you like your own creation, the food is successful😊

    Thank you again for trying🙏💕✨

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    1. Thanks, but it was easy! I think I have always been geared to being vegetarian…when I was a kid, I was really picky about meat…I liked Burger King’s Chicken Nuggets and Steak-ums and tacos with taco meat…and that was about it, I think. LOL!

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  5. many congrats on having your story published 🙂 & for introducing us to the interesting cooking site. I didn’t have trouble becoming veggie either. am a little aghast when people say, ‘then what do you eat?’ — I picture them living on absolutely no other foods…

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