Impossibilities upon impossibilities…

I knew Kansas wouldn’t be my happily-ever-after homestead, but it was affordable and had internet access (which New Mexico lacked).

Plus, despite the tornado threat, the risk of some other climate-change issues of the coastal environments I preferred (flooding, etc.) seemed more immediate. (Like Vancouver, Canada; one of the cities at the top of my maybe-someday list.)

But it ended up being a disaster all the same…

So, I may have to relocate. Again.

There’s a lot of factors that have to be sorted out before (if and when) I can leave…naturally, the financial wherewithal being at the top of list…

So hopefully the next place I choose will be much more ideal.

(There’s always the HGTV dream home giveaway, which this year is in VERMONT!!!!)

So, yes, once again, I’d like to reach out to the blogging community if they have any recommendations for promising places to put on my new maybe-someday list.

I found a list of top affordable cities in the U.S. and have been checking out places like Peoria and Youngstown. And Clearlake in California looked like an interesting option. Yellow Springs, Ohio seemed cool but there doesn’t seem to be anything available to rent there.

Share your favourite places below!

53 thoughts on “Impossibilities upon impossibilities…

  1. Charlee: “We’re sorry we can’t be very helpful, all we know is we live in Mama and Dada’s house.”
    Chaplin: “We never go outside so really we could be anywhere and we wouldn’t know.”
    Lulu: “Well I can tell you we’re near the ocean because I’ve been there. And we’re near the mountains because I can see them when I go outside, even though I haven’t been in them yet. And we’re near Orange County, because—”
    Charlee: “Yeah yeah yeah, we get it, you go outside and we don’t.”
    Chaplin: “But at least we don’t have to worry about getting rained on. So there.”

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  2. Yellow Springs, Ohio, is a college town, which is no doubt why “there doesn’t seem to be anything available to rent there.” My oldest daughter lives in nearby Dayton, which is pretty affordable (I know because I helped her buy a home there), but it may not be “cool” enough for you — even in winter (ha ha).

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  3. Hmm, I’m almost in your same position, and have been thinking upstate NY, near the town of Ghent, as Ithaca is more expensive, and so is Albany. But what are your criteria? I’m looking to leave CA because it’s only going to get more expensive as the water crises deeps. I had considered the Upper Valley in VT, but VT is pretty funny in some difficult ways, from the Vermonters and NHites that I’ve known, so I settled back to keep looking in NY state. The city is too expensive (and smelly, unless things have changes drastically). Maybe we could look together?

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    1. Yes, Vermont can have a…how do I put it…dichotomy to it, sadly. Plus, it was hard to find work.
      Hmm, qualifications. I would say nothing’s set in stone, but from an ideal perspective…a community that’s very environmentally conscious and liberal/open-minded. Reliable internet (throwback to New Mexico), affordability, for sure. Good public transportation (I love European transit) or a walkable city. Ideally x2 some land. I don’t mind snow, but I am not a fan of driving in it. One of the best things about New Mexico is all the social support programs. And, yeah, I’ve been researching (and visiting) for many years now, and even if I had the money, I wouldn’t want to spend it on the high cost of living. I’m just a frugal type. New Mexico is almost perfect, actually, except for the lack of internet and the altitude and a few other quirky New Mexico things. What Kansas has shown me is that if I have to live with urban-style industrial noise constantly, then why not live in a bigger city, with city perks, rather than a small town? Make sense? And I’m completely up for pooling resources. And maybe we can even pick up another fellow blogger on the way to upstate Virginia, if they are still wanting to relocate too! A whole blogger caravan! *laugh*

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      1. Yup, makes sense.
        Blue town in blue state,
        good internet access,
        sea level,
        mass transit/walkable,
        pref. less expensive

        I’ll add to this:
        no smoke/vapor within the living space,
        insulated windows and doors/spaces.

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      2. Oh, and a warm and welcoming library system The libraries in Wichita, Kansas (where I was living before) are absolutely the best I have ever used. They are so good I wish I could pack them up and take them with me…and I drive an hour and a half to still check out books etc from them!

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      1. New Orleans–amazing! New York–amazing! Portland–super cool, and the Japanese Garden is my fav! Love London, Scotland, Ireland, and have always wanted to go to Russia/St Petersburg…Montreal in Canada is the coolest city! Would love to visit your other picks too~


  4. vcaudley

    I don’t have anywhere in the US on my list, and I’m very fortunate to have been able to get out to the UK! That said, as much as I love living near the beach here, it’s expensive and the neighbours are nightmares. On my list on this side of the Atlantic is Glasgow, which is affordable, has fantastic arts and culture, and super friendly and nice people. We may have to move to Liverpool at some point, which I wouldn’t mind so much – again, affordable, fantastic museums, lovely people, and there’s at least A sea, if not My sea. The only downside really is the public transportation isn’t as good there.

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    1. Glasgow is my ultimate dream locale!!!!!!!!! And, yes, anywhere here near the beach is a nightmare. It broke my heart to see them take over (and destroy…well, even more) the laidback beach culture in my hometown to cater to the uber rich. One disgusting initiative was to ban food trucks from the parking lot for a beach because they attracted “the wrong sort” of people…TO THE PUBLIC BEACH! Okay, sorry, I’ll get off my soapbox, but, yes, I totally understand the nightmare neighbours you describe. Just so…entitled?


  5. I wish I knew of any but I hope your quest leads you to a happier, more affordable place. I’m SO with you on Vancouver though. OMG I’d LOVE to live there or Victoria. Well, really almost anywhere in Canada. Although I’ve only ever visited in the summer so maybe I’d feel differently in winter, but I can only guess even with snow and cold it’d just make it more magical. Here’s hoping you have safe journeys on a path to a new place and that hopefully it’ll check more boxes and be more ideal.

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