A Clean Slate…

When I first moved to New Mexico, I was able to get on Medicaid and food stamps, and I finally managed to land a steady job, after striving since about 1996 (and going back to school twice as part of the process…yes, I still have student loans I have not been able to make a payment on in years).

Basically, having that assistance helped me play catch up, and I was able to go to places like the dentist for the first time in probably seven years or so.

Even with the financial support, and with a fairly decent set of medical doctors (compared to Florida and other places I’ve lived), the state of the medicine in this day and age still feels like it hasn’t made any progress. I’m all for science and knowledge, but I couldn’t help but think “No wonder why so many people turn to herbal remedies and other forms of alternative treatments” when going to a doctor feels futile, if not terrifying in that the doctor(s) flat out dismisses serious conditions (of which I’ve had actual experience with).

On that subject, I’ve wanted this book since it came out: https://greystonebooks.com/collections/health-wellness/products/pain-and-prejudice.

I also keep thinking to myself how it is the twenty-first century/2022 and how ineffectual the medical industry still seems.

Here’s a blog from a fellow blogger that I’ve followed for almost as long as I was looking for work that has their own take on the state of “modern medicine”: https://whenwomeninspire.com/2021/12/31/why-modern-medicine-wont-save-you/.

I look around and all I see is humanity (generally speaking) doing the same old thing…like nothing whatsoever has changed.

I see that, in response, the slate just needs to be wiped clean and we need to start anew. To build everything up from scratch, because nothing seems to be working the way we might have hoped it would, once upon a time.

Or simply stop continuing to make bad (same ole same ole) decisions and continuing the same practices that led us to the spot we’re in now.

I hardly need to recap things of this nature, but I’m still astounded with issues like how we are still drowning the world in pesticides and chemicals and toxins, for example.

And yes, it’s most likely well past the point where we humans can voluntarily wipe the slate clean and start over, but my experience in New Mexico made me realize that certain things are not a foolish pipe dream, but they really do make things so much better, and that’s something I wish everyone could have.

You know, initiatives like:

  • In addition to a proactive health care system that is cutting edge and focuses on optimum health and healing, I want full (and free!) health care coverage for everyone, with no strings attached. Although, yes, I find the state of medicine today to be disappointing, I never once took it for granted that I could go to the doctor I needed to go to, and receive the kind of care I needed when I needed it. It provided such an intense relief from the anxiety and stress created by my years of health insecurity and instability. It’s something I dearly wish everyone had (again, in addition to the type of medicine of the Dr. McCoy/Star Trek variety).
  • Educational systems available to all that encourage curiosity, exploration, and awareness of both one’s self and the external world. A world where everyone has the luxury to be an artist, for example. Plus, a universal basic income, of course.
  • A world that puts nature and animals first and foremost; a world where humans are the ones who make sacrifices to protect the planet. (I am aware that it feels futile and ineffective, but in my own way, I’m trying to pare down my lifestyle to the essentials to make more room for animals.)

There are so many more things I wish for the world, but the reality is becoming harder to stave off, and I wake up to a new heartbreak every day (or the same ole same ole one)…heartbreak for the bees and the poisoned wolves and for animals tortured in laboratories and for trees being cut down and more wilderness razed for development and for all the abandoned shelter pets that don’t have loving homes and I can’t help but think it’s all being irreparably destroyed just so I can sit here and write this blog and drink warm drinks and eat chips and how is that even remotely worth it?

And the only fix is, again, to wipe the slate clean, to make 2022 the year that really is a fresh start, to let everything we know and think and believe go, not just for us individually, but for every single one of us down to the littlest insect or the tiniest bit of algae.

23 thoughts on “A Clean Slate…

  1. I wonder if you could put your experiences to work in campaigning for Kansas politicians whose platforms align with your convictions. I volunteered in 2021 for several candidates in Virginia, and it was satisfying work. (And still safe work because of covid restrictions.)

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    1. That’s a really good idea. I know I did volunteering for an animal rescue org that was heavy on legislative work for animals, and I also did some canvassing…I’ll look into that…thanks so much for the suggestion!

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  2. Very valid points, Willow, thank you for this. These are all reasons that I’ve been working so hard on Project Do Better: all of these issues are addressed over the 70 (plus or minus a decade) year time frame of the project. We just need more hands to the plow.

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  3. I thought I’d left a comment on this post earlier, but these very items that you touch on are part of Project Do Better, Willow, and we could well work this in if you don’t mind some of these issues as comments on my blog?

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    1. I don’t mind…I’ve lost a bit of my “academic writing” style/training since I left grad school and haven’t been able to utilize my degree. I pretty much write fiction, mostly, these days. I sometimes write an essay here and there, but I haven’t even written articles in a while. The short version is…I’m out of practice with writing more reliably academic/researched content. *smiles*

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      1. Not academic at all, if you prefer: I’ve designed Do Better as an umbrella that can encompass fiction, nonfic, academic and even manga or comic books (what are the called now, graphic novels!?) -everything is needed. In fact, that’s what makes me feel ok with finally writing Ann & Anna!

        It’s all contributing to the same goal, we just need to join up and help each other in this work.

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  4. Chaplin: “These all sound like worthy goals to us, for 2022 and beyond.”
    Charlee: “We especially like the part about shelter pets all getting loving homes, of course.”
    Lulu: “I keep hoping Mama and Dada will bring home a new shelter dog friend for me. Maybe this year …”

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  5. If you and I ran the world…what a different place it would be. I watched Don’t Look Up last night and it was so true to reality that I cried, thinking how little we’ve accomplished and how much we’ve destroyed in our years on this planet. What’s it going to take for real change to occur? I wish I knew.

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  6. What you speak of is all well and good…but in achieving it, everyone, not just the wealthy, will have to pay much higher taxes. The only way to do this without an enormous financial burden on everyone is to vote all the bloodsuckers out of government office and install people who give a damn about our world and people, and not just lining their own pockets. We need term limits to get these people out of office.


  7. I really feel your pain and frustrations with ALL of these issues! I struggle with something that 5% (or less) of the population has to contend with so everyone pretty much thinks I’m nuts. (I can’t digest most fruits and/or vegetables, especially ones high in salicylates. Instead of being good for me, I end up writhing in pain.)

    And I think our medical system has only really evolved in one way: how to make pharmacies richer. I believe nature has the answers we need to solve/cure/manage most issues. And in some cases it’s like you pointed out: not poisoning our environment would be a great place to start.

    What amazes me is we can pay sports people and CEOs of companies top dollar, but squawk about making the world more accessible to healthcare and education or paying living wages to everyone…pushback.

    One of my favorite sayings when something’s not working is “Deconstruct to reconstruct.” Or, as you put it, wipe the slate clean and return to the drawing board.

    There IS a better way to do things. But first we have to figure out how to overcome greed and laziness so we can get things done.

    REALLY great post. It made me feel not so alone. THANK YOU for sharing this part of yourself!

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