The Blue Room…

I was wondering if some of my fellow bloggers and writers would like to get together for a virtual hangout or chat.

It could be pretty informal, laidback, and relaxed, so that it wouldn’t be another thing that we all “have” to do with the craziness of the times, and especially how much time we all probably spend online anyway. (I know I have a pretty intense schedule, but it might be worth a try, even if it’s just for a week, a month…or a day! *laugh*)

We could just talk about life, writing, the blues, coping strategies…whatever.

Any suggestions for online venues? I know that some are fond of Discord, and I believe that’s free?

Or maybe something like in an online game venue…I’ll use YoWorld as an example, since I just happen to be on there, but they have rooms and avatars which could make it feel more like a hangout.

How do you all feel/think about something like that?

18 thoughts on “The Blue Room…

  1. I think it’s a good idea for people who are more connected than I am. (I just do my little corner of the WordPress world. I’m not on FB or gaming sites or anything.) I suspect you’ll get some comments saying, “Yes, let’s do this!” Have fun!

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  2. I’m like Priscilla, I think, as I also don’t spend much time on FB, and I have no idea what Discord is, and I don’t like gaming. But, having a chat sounds like a nice idea, once I’m not so swamped with Do Better edits (and begging folks to realize that much of the work they’re already doing actually falls under Project Do Better, to begin with).

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