Seriously, Comcast?


Okay, so I’m not supposed to rant on my author blog (my rule), but I am so frustrated with Comcast, especially as this problem has been going on since May, and they still haven’t fixed the issue. They have even admitted (well, their service tech has) to an issue with their equipment down the road which they are working on, and that “there’s nothing they can do” and I just have to live with it. Plus, they have recently started to charge me for each visit, even though they have tinkered with their equipment to fix the problem. I have had to fight with them each time after a service charge shows up on my bill. Then they resort to customer blaming. “You need to go out and buy a $60 cord to connect your laptop to the modem.” “It’s your old computer.” “It’s your software upgrade.” Ad nauseum. Anything they can think of to absolve themselves of any sort of accountability as Big Business. The main problem is that I’m stuck with Comcast because nobody else will (or is willing to compete with Xfinity) provide Internet service to the area.

Here are the issues I’ve been having:

  • Slow Internet speed
  • Pages not loading at all/slow loading/partial loading
  • Intermittent Internet/disrupted Internet connection
  • Complete lack of Internet


Anyone else having similar issues (with or without Comcast) and have any suggestions on how to troubleshoot these issues? Please share below–thank you!