Welcome, Reader Friends!

It’s great to meet you!

I hope you enjoy your visit from whatever portal or wormhole brought you to my dimension, fellow travellers–feel free ask me for ideas of things to see and do while you’re here (or in my real-life locale, Santa Fe).

When I’m not dreaming, or travelling through other worlds, I write, draw, and talk to my animal and plant friends (or to myself, depending on your perspective *laugh*).

Within this site, you can find a recording of my thoughts,  poems, and maybe even some of my artwork. Leave an message, if you wish, and I’ll come and visit you in your (online) realm.

Also, I have a book of poetry coming out soon, titled Quantum Singularity: A Poetic Voyage through Time and Space.  Will share more information soon!


Thomas Wolfe Memorial/Old Kentucky Home, Asheville, North Carolina Photo © Patti O’ Berg 2017