Of the Heart of the Storm

Of the Heart of the Storm

Madness swirls, here

this world of paradox and confusion

where ravens are kind, and

promise redemption.

On their wings, I fly into the eye

of my storm, where 

in ice and shadows and all things secret,

your light softly shines,

bringing me home

for the last time.

 –Willow Croft


Egmont Key Lighthouse (Photo Copyright by Willow Croft 2018)



Spooky Schools and Spookier Scientists

And what’s more spooky than Moms? Especially the one in my story, “Birthday Roses,” that was selected to be in a MasterClass Anthology (second edition).

I also sold my story “Quietly Goes the Mix Tape” to the Mad Scientist Journal. Keep watch for it if you need an 1980s fix!

And, my story “School Daze” has been picked up for inclusion in another anthology, “New Mexico’s Emerging Writers” that’s being released by Z Publishing. 

Last, but not least, I had the opportunity to take one very spooky writing class over at MasterClass. From none other than author R.L. Stine!

Which pretty much sealed my fate. I think I’m going to give kid writing a go. (The class was great, so if you’re interested in writing middle-grade fiction or YA, check it out!)

Even my goofy cat Moon Pie is going to grab a bit of the spotlight. She’ll be on an upcoming #TRT post (Tummy Rub Tuesday) on the Katzenworld cat blog.

(Thanks to Mad Scientist Journal, Z Publishing, and Molly Esmiol/MasterClass Team for providing opportunities to authors for publication and to find their writing voice.)

Now I just have to wait for my favourite holiday for more spooky inspiration: Halloween!

Flash Floods and Bishop’s Lodge Horses

This video was taken at about 7 pm. Flash floods and heavy rains and Bishop Lodge Resort’s horses left to fend for themselves, as seen in this video that was sent to me. Will keep you posted on their fate. As of 10:36 pm, Animal Control still hadn’t gone to check on the horses.


I went by at midnight to check on the horses. They were not in the pen, and there was no more water gushing through the corral.  Even with the water that had gushed through the pen, the smell of the poop was terrible. And I like horse poop smell. I was trying not to gag as I was using my flashlight to check the corral.

Today, July 24, at about 7 am, my friend took videos of the horses, which were back in the corral. There seem to be a couple missing, but my friend will confirm this when she does a head count. (She did a head count–eight were accounted for, so there doesn’t seem to be any missing.) Here are the videos she has taken.



It also just occurred to me to share the photo I have of the people in charge at Bishop’s Lodge, in case you all want to add your voice. It’s also managed by Auberge Resorts, according to the website.



WritersWeekly 24-Hour Short Story Contest!


My short story, titled “Water Never Can Keep a Secret”, won an honorable mention in WritersWeekly Spring 2018 Short Story contest (also visit that link to read stories from the top three winners). Very excited! And I also received a one-year subscription to The Write Markets Report, and a free writing-related eBook from BookLocker.com. It was so hard to choose, but I finally settled on It’s All About the Story: How to Create the Story for your Screenplay, as I hope to enter in some screenwriting competitions soon.

Check out their next 24-Hour Short Story contest for Summer: http://24hourshortstorycontest.com/

Good luck, break a leg–whatever your preference!



In this maze of dreams,

we are both lost and found

chasing each other like ghosts

up and down corridors and

through walls.

I follow lipstick’d messages

that blaze scarlet in this

endless dark.

Sometimes I hear you crying

in the looking-glass


I can’t leave you anything

but smeary hand prints.

Your rooms, caretaker,

are gathering more dust

with each passing year.

I want to find you,

bring you out of this madness, our ancient storm

into a world without walls and shadows

where we dance on rainbows

drink dew

and fly away on butterfly wings.


–Willow Croft




The Glitch is Constant


The Glitch is Constant

Just like every other day

the reboot has failed

I’ve examined my insides 

but the how-to-fix-things

button remains hidden

I’ve looked to the outside world

for the caring techician 

to bring both expert knowledge

and hope 

but no such thing exists.

Sometimes I still wonder

who will fix me

even though it’s futile

so I just wait in this state of decay

for the reboot of my soul’s time

or even the reset of eons

to erase humanity for sake of the animals

and trees.

It’s the only hope I have left.