A Tide’s Breath Apart

…it’s a day of hauntings and heartbreak and loss, and maybe just missing things that you never had (but were close enough to hold on and never let go)…

A Tide’s Breath Apart

I slept the sleep of the dead
if the dead dreamed
during their thick & heavy sleep
I dreamed
not exactly of you
but waiting for you
knowing even in the dream
that you weren’t coming
even though I knew you were
only separated from me by
a sparrow’s breath
a ripple on the tide of time
I can’t cross
except in dreams
except in this dream
where the meadow holds us close
and where
I’m reminded of your last
might-have-been look
before you walked away.
You, grey, clear, and so delicate;
a strand of grass, clinging
to its coat of winter frost.
I hold you close
and not at all delicately
but only in my dream.

–Willow Croft

19 thoughts on “A Tide’s Breath Apart

    1. Thanks for the comment, and compliment. I’m finally getting back into commenting with more access to internet, so I can’t wait to engage with your words more, too! (WordPress glitches allowing, of course *laugh*). Thanks for visiting, as always!

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  1. Jesus Christ. Well that made me cry the Nile. Nose is flooding too. That’s what this period of my life is. The Great Flood!!!

    Thanks for including me but your piece is so much better than mine.

    Eh, not to compare. Maybe I’m just self-loathing but your piece is the kind of piece I wish I could write (but I say that without jealousy, just admiration).

    But if you’ll excuse me, I gotta go blow my nose now.

    Tissue warning? 😜


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    1. Yeah, I so got weepy too when I read others’ poems…and I’m not usually the weepy sort…the ‘Great Flood’ pretty much sums it up. Hope you enjoyed your cry, at least! And thanks for the compliment. I think it’s a different sentiment in your poem but it definitely reminded me of certain people in my past…loved the rich darkness of it! I actually found it inspiring as I begin the outline for my WIP!

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  3. So delicate, even your pardons, he said.
    Even if your crown was made of thorn, look how gently you rest it on my head.
    Even if the moon was burning instead, you erase the hour like it is lead.

    I didn’t know where to put this. Purgatory?

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    1. I agree…there was something about my dream (re)encounter with this particular muse that really brought out my delicate side and left me feeling haunted and dreamy for most of the day…(usually I’m more like a steamroller…ha!) Thanks for sharing your thoughts…and for reading my muse-inspired poem…

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