Beware the Birds of Spring!

Bird Army
We have peanuts! Resistance is futile!

May’s set of horoscopes find us under attack from our feathered friends. Find out which bird will have the last tweet*!

In addition to watching the skies for avian adversaries, you’ll have to survey your surroundings at ground level. Or your characters will, anyway. Read on for inspiration for your Spring survivalist stories!

*Not affilated with the Twitter apocalypse

Birds on a Wire

In other news (as such), I managed to get a day job and I have a little breathing room, but the work environment is wearing me out. I’m just burned out, methinks.

Plus, I still have a lot of figure out about the next stage of my life, and I’m probably going to have to take another break from dedicated blog reading and all that to try to come up with a plan. Because things are still a big ole mess, and, although I’ve been scanning the horizon, there’s still no sign of my “ship that will come in” as the saying goes.

Maybe I’ll see you on the open seas soon…

Pirate Ship

19 thoughts on “Beware the Birds of Spring!

    1. Oh, thank you so much! I need it…I like storms, of course, but I definitely need a safer place to live…like a big urban center again! (Who knew that a small town in Kansas could be so…dangerous and scary? *wry laugh*


  1. Ladder-backed woodpeckers! How fascinating! And such a great tip about leaving dead trees standing and why. You worked in eco-friendliness again with a “killer” horoscope. (Love the birds who flock together, kill together play on words! HA!)

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      1. Oh wow! We have them around here. Sometimes I see them in our backyard even, but mostly when I’m out for a walk. They’re my faves. Woody!!!! lol

        But I’ve seen the ladder-backed woodpeckers before and (a) thought they looked like woodpeckers but wasn’t sure, and (b) had no idea that’s what they were called (or that there were even different woodpecker species!) until your post! There you go infotaining me again…

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    1. Ha, and I forgot to go check on the pumpkin…I should go look. We had a BIG hailstorm/rainstorm here, and the plants and trees were shredded. Yes, actually shredded! And the bird horoscopes are fun…hope you like them!

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