Hauntingly Good Horoscopes over at Haunt Jaunts!

Curious to know how you’ll “give up the ghost”? Float on over to Haunt Jaunts to reveal your fate! https://www.hauntjaunts.net/haunt-jaunts-2022-horoscopes-how-will-you-give-up-the-ghost/

17 thoughts on “Hauntingly Good Horoscopes over at Haunt Jaunts!

    1. Moon Pie: My mom says that as I’m a rambunctious hellion, I’ve used up eight of my nine lives so fast, she doesn’t know my signs for them! I’m probably an Aries, though? I like keeping my mom and my cat brothers in line, for sure!

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  1. I’m an inherent skeptic and Debbie-downer when it comes to horoscopes but that is the best horoscope that I’ve ever read. Whether it fully describes me, I don’t know, but I secretly hope that it does. 🙂 Aquarius

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