Eco-Monday is now Eco-Tuesday, apparently . . .

Okay, so I forgot to post up the blog I had planned for yesterday.

Good thing it wasn’t actually an interview post!

I didn’t have anyone lined up, but I got so busy with life and the day job and, to be honest, sucking up every last dreg of the three-day weekend (I don’t celebrate the 4th, but it was nice having that extra day to get caught up on things) that I just forgot.

So, I’m still looking for people to interview for the Eco-Monday-now-Eco-Tuesday feature, so if you’re involved in environmental conservation, including wildlife rescue and rehabilitation, or even if you’re turning your once-turf lawn into a pollinator-friendly haven, reach out to me at croftwillow [at] yahoo [dot] com and we’ll set up a mini-interview!

Stay green!

22 thoughts on “Eco-Monday is now Eco-Tuesday, apparently . . .

      1. Me too. Once I finish Do Better and Who By Fire, I’ll be starting to sell or donate my furniture so that I can move back East. NY state has to have some small deep Blue town with a room for rent between a library and the grocery store! I’m not asking for much (ok, non-smoking/vaping neighbors).

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  1. We spent the 4th cleaning up the carpets after Java Bean had some let’s call it “digestive upset”, so it didn’t seem much like of a holiday here either. But it was definitely good to have the extra day to do what was required!

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  2. My UU church has an ecology camp for kids the week of July 24th — I run the kitchen. I could take some pics of what goes on and write something for you. It’s a great experience for the kids and involves a lot of adults, too. I do a session on volcanos on Fire Day

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  3. Marc Latham

    You can interview me if you want, as the greenYgrey writing theme had an eco and animal welfare heart, with a wolf ‘star’ like the WWF panda, and I’m still living it; and two of the three best books are on free download in July.
    I’m kind of post-activist now though, and still only veggie, so feel middle-of-the-road compared to today’s vegan focus!

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    1. Yeah, I’m only veggie too….but that sounds good, I’ll poke around and come up with some questions. I’m running a little behind because my day-job work took up a good portion of the morning, how about next Tuesday’s slot (not this week, but the following week)? Send me an email and I’ll send you the questions! Thanks!

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