Try Not to Be [Green] Starstruck!

*poses for the paparazzi*

Cheesy jokes aside, guess what?

I’ve been interviewed over at the Green Stars Project blog!

Oh, and I won one of the Ethical Consumer magazine subscription prizes that are available for doing Green Stars reviews!

I chose products for the reviews as a way to wean myself from as many single-use plastics as I can.

Check out the interview here:

Don’t be “green” with envy….come join me in the emerald spotlight! You can do your own reviews as part of the Green Stars Project…and be entered to win a subscription too!

I promise I won’t upstage you…much!

Let me know if you’re planning (or have done) your own reviews in the comments below (or, better yet, over at the Green Stars Project blog), and I’ll check them out!

26 thoughts on “Try Not to Be [Green] Starstruck!

  1. Willow…this is THE coolest!!! Or greenest…either way, I loved your interview and learning more about you and the products you recommended that led to your win. Speaking of leading, you led me to a cool new site I didn’t know existed. BRAVO!!!!

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      1. You are remembering rightly ― you must have seen my “That Was The Year That Was (In Music)” post from January! 😁 I’m the sort of compulsively list-making type of people who would do a thing like have my personal top five list of favorite bands, which are, in order: Metric; The Birthday Massacre; Texas; The Joy Formidable; and Fisher.

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      2. I knew I had seen it somewhere…it was linked with your name in my file-cabinet mind! Tee hee! (And, admittedly, I even fact-checked myself, because, you know, historian/researcher, by going back to your website and verifying it! Because I’m that type of people! Ha!)

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      3. On the red-and-green chile post: Yes, that sounds like something I would do ― it doesn’t take much to trigger either a song, movie, or TV show association in my mind, and my wife ALWAYS appreciates it when it happens! 😂

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