A Surprise Cameo Appearance for Eco-Tuesday…

For one of my short stories, I followed along with the adventures of an animal liberation group…with a twist.

(Here’s the link to the anthology that the short story was in: https://www.amazon.com/Neon-Druid-Anthology-Celtic-Fantasy/dp/1791884172/)

So, when I received a call-to-action email from PETA to send a letter to my representative(s) about supporting the FDA modernization act, I, of course, did send the form/letter. 

As some of you may know, I’m in Kansas, a very conservative red state here in the United States. For example, it often appears that Representative Ron Estes and I could not be on farther ends of the spectrum in terms of key issues, based on their earlier responses to other letters I’ve sent.

But here was Representative Estes’s response–a response that, admittedly, surprised me:




17 thoughts on “A Surprise Cameo Appearance for Eco-Tuesday…

      1. Hmmm, maybe soda tax that I talked about in my blog a few weeks ago? My city don’t have it now but m neighbor cities do. Some city argue it’s breaking affordable grocery spending, so I wonder if soda tax topic ever brought up in my city🤔

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      2. Thanks for sharing your…what should I call it?..,agenda items? causes for note? I know that the soda sales tax back in my home state purportedly funded schools and school supplies but it never seems to trickle down to schools, so maybe taking a look at where the money from that soda sales tax is going/is being used for in your community? (Could you also drop the link to that blog post here, if you feel comfortable in doing so? Thanks!)

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      1. I was ready to beg Canada for asylum, for sure! I do not know why “he-who-shall-not-be-named” isn’t in jail. If there was ever proof of our wonky justice system (I know I’m simplifying things greatly, but…)…

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