Happy Halloween, All You Spooks and Ghouls!

Hunter's moon 1
Photo Courtesy of Canva.com

Happy Halloween!

I wish October could last another month. Yes, the feeling of October is purely symbolic, but, still…

At the same time, I’m counting down to November 8th, and I’m hoping some new doors open by then, so that I can escape through them.

Hopefully, my next new start will be the one that sticks.

I’m gettin’ a little weary over here, universe.

In any case, here’s hoping your day, and evening, is filled with lots of Halloween magic, and this is the year the “Great Pumpkin” will visit us all!

Plant trees.

Put up bat, bird, bee houses.

Adopt a shelter animal.

Reduce plastic use, and eliminate pesticides.

36 thoughts on “Happy Halloween, All You Spooks and Ghouls!

      1. Haha, a few broke so this year I’ll put up breakable ones sparingly. Aiii! Awe, cats sure have distinct personalities, don’t they?! Our youngest was a kitten last Christmas so I’m hoping this year she’s outgrown the climb the tree phase 🤣🤞

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      1. OMG! {insert forehead slap here} I KNEW that date sounded familiar for some reason but I was all, “That’s not her birthday.” LOL

        Yeah. More proof I’m not your “brightest” friend. Thanks for being willing to explain and get me on the same page. lol

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