Maniac Monday: Sharing a Post I Absolutely Loved Today

From author Chuck Wendig’s blog: a post titled “Kindly Go Fuck Yourself with your Shitty Fucking Gas-Powered Leafblower You Tremendous Asshole.” I love this post. (Note: Chuck Wendig is not subject of my maniac reference above. Just FYI. It’s the leafblowing “maniacs” with their terrible, toxic, ecosystem-destroying green lawns.)

23 thoughts on “Maniac Monday: Sharing a Post I Absolutely Loved Today

  1. Lawnmowers, leafblowers, fence fixers, roof repairers – it’s all noise and it’s all sensory overload kind of stuff and it’s EVERYWHERE. Some of it is in the “necessary” category but most of it is in the OMG I’m losing my mind category. Oh well, we’ll soon be hearing snow blowers and salt trucks. It’s always something!

    Hugs, Pam

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    1. I know. Where I live there’s a grain elevator directly behind my house. I thought it would only be in operation for the summer, but I was wrong. It’s the constant droning white noise, and it’s even louder outside. It’s so loud it sends a vibration through the whole house. It’s like trying to sleep on one of those industrial-sized air conditioners. Here’s hoping I can pull off a move soon! LOL


      1. I’m thinking our wildlife around here is used to the noise – – we have herds of deer through the yard/woods all the time, raccoons, groundhogs, squirrels, opossums AND some busy roads as well – they certainly have a lot of challenges surviving.

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    1. Ha, yeah, in Florida, it’s construction, leaf blowers, sirens…so when I moved here, I was like “quiet small town”, yet when the very loud grain elevator isn’t running, the trains are parked right behind my house, idling (evenings and weekends). *sigh* ROFL!

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      1. Yeah, I’m trying to find out a way to move. (I just don’t understand why I’m not winning the lottery. I mean, I even played on the lottery that picked numbers on 11.11.23…if that’s not a fortuitous alignment of numbers, I don’t know what is. Ha! (Totally joking! Well, mostly!)

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  2. 😭😂😭😂😭😂😂 this!!! Ty Ty Ty and im almost sad cause I’m running out of stuff to read! I have a few more I haven’t here but I’m sure I’ll be back to reread this one 🤣🤣🫰🏾


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