Twitter Quitter

For the 336th time*, I’ve deactivated Twitter.

We’ll see if the 337th time is the one that sticks.

(Not that it really makes a difference. I’m not active to the level that’s probably required by the platform. *wry laugh*)

Enjoy your weekend, everybody!

*A slight exaggeration

45 thoughts on “Twitter Quitter

  1. OMG I laughed probably harder than I should have at the “Twitter Quitter” title, but that’s perfect. Stay or go…that has plagued me since EM took over. I did end up deleting the app from my phone. The blue check mark disaster he rolled out (and apparently has immediately now rolled back) prompted me to remove the bird from the socials on my site.

    I’m really conflicted about deactivating entirely, even though my follower count reflects others aren’t at all. Many flew the coop without looking back. Or saying goodbye. So I’m glad to read this from you at least so I know what happened with you. lol

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      1. EM wanted to charge $8 for the blue check mark, against everyone’s protests. That was supposed to be to verify who was legit and not. He wanted to make it available to anyone willing to pay. Well, of course what everyone predicted (ie rampant fake accounts impersonating real ones and spewing forth fake news, most harmless and funny, but with the potential to take it a step further), happened. So he rolled it out one day and either same day or the very next rolled it right back.

        He was a moron to pay as much as he did for it. I’m really wondering if it’ll survive. Lots of folks are still on it but it just feels different somehow. Not as fun. I really loved it in the beginning but the last several years have been a love/hate relationship. It was such a good way to connect with certain folks and get news and such though.

        Ah well…thanks for sharing your same dilemma. Helps to know others are feeling it too!

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  2. I don’t think Twitter requires anyone to to be active to any level? I’m disappointed by some of the bigotry, but it’s easy enough to block people and there are many kind, interesting and amusing accounts. I’m sticking around to see what happens – and it’s still free for us lesser mortals anyway.


  3. I joined Twitter a long time ago, I believe 2009, but I have not used it much. I’ve visited only a few times. Therefore I have not quit it either. I mostly forgot I even had an account. I never liked twitter much. Perhaps the time has come to quit.

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    1. Oh, and yes. I went back and forth a couple of times (okay, more than a couple) but then I found something in the news that I should have been aware of already, because it’s my “thing”, but I wasn’t. I’m planning on writing a post today as I get organized that’ll tell more. It’s a little bit graphic/narrow-focused to share in someone else’s comments, so….Happy Solstice!

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