Breaking News: Spooky Six with Willow Croft!


Latest news rolling in from the ole chopping block!

I’m now doing author interviews for Horror Tree! If you’re interested in becoming part of the “Spooky Six with Willow Croft” crowd, I can assure you that your head will remain very firmly attached!

So, what are you waiting for? If you’re a horror, sci-fi, fantasy, cli-fi, or a romance author that writes in any of the spec fic or paranormal genres, reach out to me at croftwillow [at] yahoo [dot] com. Don’t see your genre listed? Reach out with any questions!


More “rolling heads” news. Twitter. Sigh. I realized that I may need to keep the account for a wholly unexpected reason I didn’t even think about. I still don’t have the heart to reconnect there, yet, but it may be inevitable. How’s everyone else’s Twitter move going?

P.S. I reactivated my account just to see, and every…last…one…of my followers/following were gone. Just like that. Poof. So, that’s that. Ha!

39 thoughts on “Breaking News: Spooky Six with Willow Croft!

    1. Nice re: Twitter! I will share the links on here when the interviews post on Horror Tree. I’ve also let my own “Five Things Friday” author interviews get away from me on my blog, but I hope to resurrect them soon! And thanks for the suggestion re: Priscilla Bettis!

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  1. Give it a few days. Your follower count will come back. That happened to me when I first reactivated my personal account, which, like vcaudley pointed out, I did after reading that others can claim your name if you delete your account and pose as you. Not that I’m anyone worth posing as, but I didn’t want any confusion just in case. lol But the count came back, minus all those who have since fled Twitter.

    And congrats on your new interview gig!

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  2. Congrats on the interview job. I still have my Twitter and I’m losing followers only to gain some custom spammers. I’m just tired of feeling ignored over there. With most social medias I just log on for a few minutes and leave since people rarely see my stuff anyway. I write dark humor with four elements in it and horror cartoons. Would I qualify?

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  3. That should read gain some followers plus some spammers. I am so tired the speech to text screwing up. I really wish WordPress and Twitter had an edit button. With dyspraxia it’s impossible to type on these phones

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    1. I know! I make so many mistakes on my phone when I type. I hardly ever text…it’s my “favourite” thing when people ask me really complicated questions via text. I’m like “the heck with this” and I just call people whether they like it or not. 🙂


  4. I have held steady on Twitter, and I don’t plan to completely close my account. I want to still have it if things turn around. I do still see you as an account I follow there. The most recent post is from Nov. 8. If you’ve posted since, then it didn’t come through.

    I am diversifying in the face of this uncertainty. Posting more on Facebook, exploring options my friends have recommended.

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  5. I am not very active on Twitter (mostly I just funnel posts there from the blogs) but I have seen several accounts I follow advertise that they are moving to Mastodon, so I might check that out at some point. I certainly don’t want to feed the Musk Ox more than necessary …

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    1. I know, right? I was feeling pretty good about it…I mean, I was never very active on Twitter, but after I deactivated it, I realized I probably need it for a certain area re: the type of gig work that I do. Sigh. What a quandary.


  6. Just sent you an email 😊 As for Twitter, I just searched you and your account seems to be back to normal? I keep thinking about getting off it—it’s so horrible now. I’ve given up reading any comments on anything nice because there are such awful people trying to destroy it all.

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  7. So cool that you’ll be doing author interviews! I’ll probably contact you for the horror genre–and I love Horror Tree! I’m still on Twitter. I’ll look for you. Twitter is quite weird now. I’ve noticed more people I’ve had to block, but otherwise, I’m still finding lots of great authors and lit mags to follow.

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      1. Don’t know about the book reference. So far, pretty slow at Mastodon, but I haven’t really gotten established. You have to choose a server (or instance) first. That threw me. Under “All” look for and you’ll be in known territory. Once you’ve chosen the server, then it looks a lot like Twitter.

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