Judgement Day – 11/31

Check out all the great entries in Evil Squirrel’s Tenth Annual Contest of Whatever…you don’t have to wait until November 31st to read them all!

Evil Squirrel's Nest

FUZZYWIG: It’s time for the three of us to provide our usual sarcastic wit to this year’s Contest of Whatever entries.

SNUGGLE: You mean we’re gonna shit all over them again?  Fuck, I love this!

MITZI: Uh oh!  Should Mitzi have, like, worn her Defends?

FUZZYWIG: We’re not gonna shit all over the hard work of others.  Just, you know, maybe mock them a bit for the entertainment of our readers.

SNUGGLE: So we’re gonna shit all over them while being funny?  Fuckin’ A!

FUZZYWIG: Sigh.  Nevermind.  This year’s contest theme was the imaginary date of November 31st, and we received…

MITZI: Like, no way Josie!  November 31st is, like, totally Halloween, and Mitzi always dresses up as something sex-ay for the occasion!  Mitzi was totally a slutty angel last year!

SNUGGLE: Dude, like, that’s OCTOBER 31st!  You know what date is made up, though?  April 20th!

FUZZYWIG: 4/20 is…

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