A Planet of Trees, Not Plastic

It’s Earth Day.


Aided by my own midlife transition, I’m transitioning to a stage of life where I am really trying hard to live more lightly on the planet. 

It’s always been strange to me that people, in general, think it’s a bad thing to express sensitivity, respect, and care towards nonhuman animals, and other tree/plant/rock/insect/arachnid friends.  

Or somehow think that they don’t feel pain, loss, fear, or think that other life forms that also exist on this planet are somehow “less than” people. 

Anyway, taking the cue/the knowledge shared to me from the Green Stars Project blogger, I’m reducing my consumption of single-use plastic.

I’ve switched to bottle-free shampoo and conditioner, I’m exploring alternatives to toothpaste in tubes, I’ve found mouthwash tabs that (I thought) were in glass jars, but they turned out not to be. At least not from the Vitacost website, anyway. 

One of the toothpowders from the original website says it’s also in glass/metal jars, but I had to buy it from a site where I had a coupon, and it, too, was in plastic.

I got some deodorant from Pretty Frank that’s not in plastic containers.

I’m trying out different kinds of bottle-free laundry soap (I was using Tru Earth and I got some scented ones, but the scent was WAY too strong for my system, so I’ll probably go back to the unscented laundry strips). 

I generally can only invest in this stuff as I run out of the plastic-bottled products I currently had, but I’m going to try to do some more Green Star reviews on the items I did get. 




I also recently read this book that I either got with a gift card someone gave me, or I won it through a giveaway, but the author’s approach to downsizing was really inspirational and motivating. Especially when I look at my own stuff, and think about what is really relevant to my lifestyle.

Like, as much as I cherish the vintage Arrowhead set I inherited from a family member a while ago, I never entertain with things like dinner parties, and why do I need a full set of dishes (and a full set of silverware, etc.) when I actually (yes, seriously!) use one fork, one spoon, one knife, and a couple of bowls? 

I could sell those, and get a nice handmade artisan bowl and a fancy (single) set of silverware, instead. 

Anyway, I’m pretty subdued at the time of writing this post…tired, saddened over the natural world, and did I mention I was tired?

But, I’d love to hear about the changes and sacrifices and efforts you all are making for the planet on this 2023 Earth Day.

Earth Day


18 thoughts on “A Planet of Trees, Not Plastic

  1. Thank you for sharing this. I’ve been trying to find more ways to reduce my footprint, especially since recycling opportunities here are abysmal and frankly a pain/out of the way to get to. I’ve seen the ads for Tru Earth washing sheets and have been curious about them. Loved hearing your take on using them! Also, I’m with you. Wayne laughs at me every time I relocate a living bug that ventured into our house back outside, but killing them…or any animal, reptile, etc…breaks my heart. Loved you writing about how some of us are so insensitive/take for granted the other non-human life around us. AWESOME Earth Day post all around!

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  2. Hey Willow.
    Thanks for the shout-out!
    Sorry it has been challenging for some items.
    Another thing you can do for things like toothpaste is to just use a *tiny* amount at a time. People tend to put a long strip of toothpaste on their brush but actually you can just use a tiny dab and it’s just as effective. At that rate, a tube of toothpaste can last for at least a year.
    Compared to folk who buy multi-packs of everything and throw out a 15 gallon bag of trash every week, the tube is a small drop in that ocean.

    (A tiny amount of toothpaste is actually more effective, as you won’t be consuming large amounts of fluoride, or drying out your gums with too much detergent. My dentist pointed out that there’s virtually no difference in effectiveness between brushing with versus without toothpaste.)

    Thanks for keeping up with the Green Stars reviews!
    Much appreciated,

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    1. Nice! I’ve found so much plastic-free stuff out there, so it’s really cool! Thanks for visiting! (And I’ve been doing cruelty free since about that time, too! I still miss the old Nature’s Gate products and toothpaste!)


  3. Hey there! I use terracycle.com for Toms of Maine products – so it’s all sent free to terracycle – they do repurpose. Win win. Even if it is plastic, they create new stuff like planters.

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