The Mystery of the Mushy Pumpkins

I impulse-bought two pumpkins at the store last year, as they were on sale for a dollar each!

I had them on my little porch for a while, but then put them out in the yard.

They took FOREVER to decay.

Which was kinda creepy.

Visions of scary GMO-zombie pumpkins (delightedly) filled my head.

They actually stayed pumpkin-like for months, until one disappeared, leaving its partner all on its lonesome.

Then I saw this post about a doppelganger pumpkin! I mean, what are the odds? LOL!  [I love the chain in the picture–it’s almost as if it really was a “Walker” (Walking Dead reference) zombie pumpkin!]

Here’s my spooky ooky gooky pumpkin pics!


24 thoughts on “The Mystery of the Mushy Pumpkins

    1. I know, right? Feel free to drop in your wild theory! (I suddenly remembered–again?–reading one of those crayon books to kids, and I got to giggling so much, I had to stop reading for a bit. ROFL!


  1. Many years ago, in college, my roommate put a Halloween pumpkin on his windowsill inside our suite and proceeded to forget about it. Some months later, we detected a noisome odor, traced it to a gummy residue flowing down his wall beneath the window, and, well, we had a bit of a cleanup project on our hands …

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