Flash Floods and Bishop’s Lodge Horses

This video was taken at about 7 pm. Flash floods and heavy rains and Bishop Lodge Resort’s horses left to fend for themselves, as seen in this video that was sent to me. Will keep you posted on their fate. As of 10:36 pm, Animal Control still hadn’t gone to check on the horses.


I went by at midnight to check on the horses. They were not in the pen, and there was no more water gushing through the corral.  Even with the water that had gushed through the pen, the smell of the poop was terrible. And I like horse poop smell. I was trying not to gag as I was using my flashlight to check the corral.

Today, July 24, at about 7 am, my friend took videos of the horses, which were back in the corral. There seem to be a couple missing, but my friend will confirm this when she does a head count. (She did a head count–eight were accounted for, so there doesn’t seem to be any missing.) Here are the videos she has taken.



It also just occurred to me to share the photo I have of the people in charge at Bishop’s Lodge, in case you all want to add your voice. It’s also managed by Auberge Resorts, according to the website.



Weighing in Part 2 of Bishop’s Lodge: Is this a Resort Life for Horses?

Here are the latest photos I took today: 3/26/2018.

Again, I did not trespass to take these photos. I stayed on the rightaway and used the zoom on my camera.

I have attempted to bring attention to these horses via social media and by contacting the Santa Fe New Mexican, the Santa Fe Reporter, and the KOB Channel 4 News

Via the Bishop’s Lodge website, the lodge, and presumably the horses (they are on the Bishop’s Lodge property), are now part of the Auberge Resorts Collection. There is also an HRV Hotel Partners listed on the sign.

Also, the Bishop’s Lodge website mentions that they have/will be:

  • in an upcoming episode of ABC’s The Bachelor.
  • Has made Architectural Digest’s Top 18 New Hotels in 2018 list

I have tweeted my previous blog and included the Twitter handles and/or hashtags for Auberge Resorts, ABC Network, ABC’s The Bachelor, Architectural Digest, and HRV Partners to try to draw their attention to the plight of the Bishop’s Lodge horses. I will probably try to contact all of these groups directly (as best I can) and continue to use social media. I’m not sure if doing a petition will help, or is a valid option as well, but I am open to any suggestions.

Within the past week, I have, yet once again, contacted the New Mexico Livestock Board and enlisted the help (also again) of the Animal Protection of New Mexico, who has also reached out to the New Mexico Livestock Board as well.

I will let the horses speak for themselves, via the photographs I took today of the horses and the corral and the construction/digging etc. taking place behind and next to their corral.