Binge-Watching with the Spirits!

Stay cool this summer by binge-watching your favorite shows in the a/c! This fun astrological guide will help you find the perfect show to accompany your mint-julep-sipping!

Mint Julep
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Don’t forget about your animal friends! Help them beat the heat by putting ice cubes in their water. Putting water outside in shaded areas can help birds and other wildlife life, too! Keep fresh, cool water in birdbaths, as well as containers of water on the ground for those critters that can’t reach the birdbath.

I always try to help out animals when I can, so I’m considering adding another feature to this blog. I might do interviews similar to my Five Things Friday blog, where I interview people involved in environmental and animal rights activism. Probably under an “EcoMonday” tag.

That’s all for now!

27 thoughts on “Binge-Watching with the Spirits!

  1. I laughed after reading hubby’s paranormal recommendations – totally nailed it. He’s a big skeptic and refuses to watch anything paranormal/supernatural related. And of course I love shows like that, lol.

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  2. That would be a great new category! Over here, I put fresh water in the bird bath and will change the hummingbird nectar tomorrow. Lovin’ our friends outdoors (and friends indoors like you!) xx

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  3. ROFLAMO! Your title was total clickbait. I was all, “What is she binge-watching?” Then come to find out you were just letting folks know about your next batch of awesome horoscopes. lol {insert forehead slap here}

    Also, I love your EcoMonday idea. AND that you advocated for proper summertime pet treatment,. It’s just too hot out in most parts of the country right now not to think about their needs. And really, it’s not that hard. BUT people don’t or need reminders so BRAVO!

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  4. We just finished binge watching “The Wire” on HBO. Of course for us “binge-watching” means “watching one episode most evenings” so it still took us almost two months to get through it … Now on the hunt for a new series, I’m attempting to get my wife interested in “Killing Eve”. Unclear as yet whether or not I will succeed …

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    1. I know, right, re: that version of binge watching. I have family members that are like “We’re all done with XXX” and I’m like “That was TEN seasons?!??!!”. I’m the same as you all…it takes me months to get through a TV series. Killing Eve looks good!


  5. I love making sure the garden birds have fresh clean water and lots of food for different types of birds, especially during breeding times. We have just had a lot of baby sparrows on our feeders, pestering their poor mother.

    Though most of the time these days, I’m moving snails off the pavement into the grassy verge areas as they seem intent on curling up in their shells right where people walk and most people don’t see them.

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  6. We had a vendor roll in at work the other day, and one of our employees noticed he’d left his three dogs in his truck, in 40 degree Celsius heat. Then he got furious when he got called out to take them inside. He’s lucky we didn’t call the police!

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    1. ARE YOU SERIOUS! I’m glad that you got him to take them inside. Here in the US, smashing car windows (while typically illegal) can be overlooked when a dog is trapped in a car in hot weather. Or a baby/child. Cops will often do that, because of the “need for speed” to get the animal out of the car.

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