It’s National Fortune Cookie Day!

fortune cookie
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*giveaway now closed*

It’s National Fortune Cookie Day! To celebrate, I’m offering a free tarot card reading to the first three commenters!

Good luck, and good fortune, today!

(In case it wasn’t clear, please leave a comment below for a chance to claim the free tarot reading.)

23 thoughts on “It’s National Fortune Cookie Day!

  1. I’m in, may I be so bold as to offer some hopes of what it will say? I’m hoping for great health, wisdom, wealth, and happiness beyond measure… something along those lines. 😊

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  2. I’m too late…. but had I known it was National Fortune Cookie Day, I’d have had the Shelf’s own Hung Lo break out his giant jar of fortune cookies (that just happen to look like stale shelled peanuts) and celebrate!

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    1. I think the party’s still going on, don’t worry! It could be fun to do a (mock–Willow’s attempt at humour) tarot reading for somebody among the Evil Squirrel crew! Let me know at croftwillow at yahoo if you’re interested!

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  3. You guys never cease to amaze me with some of these National Days, most of which have commercial promotion behind them anyway. Is there a National We Couldn’t Think Of Anything For Today Day?

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