The Tenth Annual Contest Of Whatever!

This is a fun contest held by a fellow blogger…I did it last year, and it was great! Hope you all join in!

Evil Squirrel's Nest

Ten years, and creativity tastes just as groovy as ever!

It’s February and you know what that means……


Oh, wait…. it’s March already.

So it’s a month late, but it’s time for that Evil Squirrel’s Nest tradition known simply as The Contest Of Whatever!  Each and every year beginning in 2014, The Nest has challenged its readers and anyone else who wants to join in to wow us with their wonderful creativity!  Check out the official page for The CoW to see all of the fun themes and winners from every one of the past nine contests!

Enjoy a slice of Moofoo® while you peruse the results…

The Contest rules are so simple that even a child who was dropped on its head can do it!  All you need to do is create an official entry for the Contest of Whatever.  You may use any artistic medium…

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11 thoughts on “The Tenth Annual Contest Of Whatever!

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    1. I know, I am so chuffed that I missed out on the fun of the previous years (I did it last year)! I think having that mysterious extra day could be interpretated in all sorts of fun ways in the speculative fiction sense!


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