I heart pigs…

Happy National Pig Day!


Photo courtesy of Canva.com

Because I love pigs (okay, okay, I love ALL animals), I did some nonhuman animal-themed horoscopes over at Horror Tree! (Also, check out my Spooky Six interviews both past, present, and future–for WIHM! I’ve also added a Fantastical Five set for sci-fi and fantasy, as well as a “Four Red Herrings” for mystery/thriller genres. If you, or any other authors, want to join in, feel free to use the blog contact form to get in touch!)


22 thoughts on “I heart pigs…

  1. I have loved oinkers since I was but a wee girl (which is a very long time!) and used to think I wanted one for a pet but how do you get away with that in an apartment?? Anyway, loved your horoscopes with anipal themes – mine was Libra/Raccoon and the lovable and laughable raccoon is another of my animal faves. We have a big fat one that regularly visits our front porch in search of a handout. It loves cat kibbles.

    Hugs, Pam

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    1. PS yeah, I couldn’t see having a pig in an apartment! I think that was actually a big problem…people would get these cute little piglets as pets…and then they’d end up being BIG! Ha!


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