Help! The Dates Aren’t Adding Up!

Jeez, how many days did I take off?

I thought it was only about two weeks, but I went through my WordPress Reader, and I had unread posts going back for longer than that.

So my only conclusion is that time moves at a different pace in my world!

How are things in your parallel dimension(s)?

Anyway, I had a bunch of Spooky Six interviews post up over at Horror Tree, including some that took place around the UK Ghost Story Festival. So, yeah, I’d love it if you head over there and check them out (just search Willow Croft or Spooky Six on the Horror Tree website)–you might just see some names you recognize!

I’ll spare you all the boring boring babble about my job hunting and apartment hunting and such, and jump to some more exciting news.

I’ve expanded my author interviews over at Horror Tree to include sets of questions for not only horror authors, but science fiction, fantasy, paranormal/supernatural romance, and even mystery/historical fiction genres.

Exciting, right?

Anyway, I’m going to catch up on some blog reading, and I’ll be back on my regular schedule hopefully tomorrow! Unless, of course, I get a job offer out of state!

Wish me luck!

15 thoughts on “Help! The Dates Aren’t Adding Up!

  1. That’s so cool about your HorrorTree articles! OMGosh, I’ve fallen behind on my blogging, too. But I have a good excuse: I met via Zoom with an agent last week. I’ve been furiously polishing a novel. She’s now looking at the first three chapters!

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    1. Funny you should mention that…there’s a “blue box” masquerading as a bird feeder…No word from the local avian visitors whether it’s “bigger on the inside”! LOL! (I was hoping someone would bring up that reference! *paw bump*)


    1. Yeah, I missed reading blogs, for sure…I had to steel myself not to sneak on and read blogs during my mini sabbatical. They’ll probably be more I’ll have to take as I go back and forth between New Mexico, and maybe over to Wichita or Lawrence for some future scouting trips. Thanks for the good wishes for the job search…I need it!

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  2. When you get caught up in the ethers…. The place where you know time isn’t linear and doesn’t exist in any explainable way…. 🤣🤌🏾 glad you’re back, and always tethered to your vessel!

    Take it easy and enjoy (have tons of fun) visualizing your new place and job!

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