The Glowing Neon of Spring!

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It’s been a busy week,  so this’ll be short and sweet. My “Cultivating Inspiration” post is up over at Horror Tree in all its (neon!) glory!

Go get creative, and Happy Spring Equinox, everybody! (If you’re in Fall Equinox mode where you are, feel free to search Horror Tree for the post I did last year).

Oh, and it’s World Rewilding Day, so go out and make things Wild again!

21 thoughts on “The Glowing Neon of Spring!

      1. I have two gardens, started from scratch two years ago! My faves so far are rhodos, and I love how hearty ferns are (although the first one I had kicked the bucket, which really surprised me!). What’s your favorite? OH also doing herbs! 💚

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      2. Oh, that’s tough. I’d say my little clover plants because they are thriving when everything else I try to grow dies. LOL! I’d like to have a wildlife- and bird-friendly garden (go figure, right?) but I really love those ground covers that are a replacement to those toxic lawns. I also like succulents…so having something like that hen-and-chicks thing would be cool! Oh, and is rhodos short for Rhododendron? Like in Rebecca? (I love that scene in that book LOL!) And, at risk of rambling on long enough, if I were all about the landscaping, I’d honestly like something a little different…like a rock/dirt garden, a fairy garden…you know, something quirky like that. and have like an enclosed porch/glassed in porch where I could have all my food etc plants. Like a part of my house that’s designated for plants, inside. with container pots etc for veggies and such.

        and that’s awesome..what kind of herbs? I just saw this cool thing…i think in a catalog..that was like a tall garden bed…looked like it could be on wheels and indoors…hang on, let me go look….Okay, it’s not on wheels, but it’s called The Pest Thwarting Elevated Garden. or

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      3. Ohhhh don’t get me started on clover! I tried picking it out of the lawn and then gave up ~ Actually I don’t mind it and it’s easy care. But it grows so fast that there’s less grass now. I am thinking it’ll be a clover patch in a few years lol.

        Yes, Rhodo is short for Rhododendron. I have two in the front and two in the back, all in different colors. Over time they will get quite big, or at least that is the hope!

        A fairy garden sounds wonderful. We plan to take out part of our lawn to expand the garden and also add stones.

        Yes, we have container pots like you mentioned, for the herbs. I really like that link you sent ~ Very cute! I think that would be manageable too, pretty easy care. Once you settle into where you move to, you can do that!!!

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