Give a Shelter Pet a Furever Home on Valentine’s Day!

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While I don’t recommend adopting an animal for someone else, without them meeting the animal, I would like to give a shout-out to one of my favourite causes: #AdoptDontShop!

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So many animals linger in animal shelters, just waiting for their “furever” home!

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And, what could be more romantic then taking your sweetheart to find a wonderful pet of their own!

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It’s a “Happily Ever After” fairy tale, for sure!

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If you’re at a loss for a gift, many animal shelters can also get you a gift certificate for a future adoption! Or you can make your own!

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Don’t have room for a pet in your life but you know your significant other loves animals…make a donation to a local animal shelter, or even sponsor a pet seeking a home in your loved one’s name!

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Hope your Valentine’s Day is lovely, no matter where your own heart is!

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Find your furry or scaly or feathery love of your life by running a search on!

20 thoughts on “Give a Shelter Pet a Furever Home on Valentine’s Day!

  1. I’m all for adopting a pet! I hate to go in pet stores and see those poor animals all cooped up in tiny glass boxes and being sold for around $1000. I always want to break in at night and let them all out! Lol

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  2. Ooooo! I love your #AdoptDontShop post with so many great photos of all kinds of animals needing/wanting a furever home! GREAT POST!!!! SO many awesome suggestions for how to help if not in a position to adopt too. BRAVO! Really grateful for the kind, caring people like you in this world!

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