More Horoscope Fun–Just in Time for the Weekend!

Yep, another “shameless plug”, but I have to tell you–I’m having such fun making these horoscopes for Haunt Jaunts and Horror Tree!

Check out the latest ones down below and let me know what you think! (I also do a monthly tarot card reading for writing inspiration at Horror Tree, as well).

Haunt Jaunts Horoscopes:

Horror Tree Horoscopes:

Horror Tree Tarot Reading for Writing Inspiration (February):

Enjoy your weekend–hope it’s filled with lots of mischievous monsters, creepy crawlies, and ghoulish ghosts!

16 thoughts on “More Horoscope Fun–Just in Time for the Weekend!

  1. So THIS is the water you were referring to! You had said something about that in one of our emails but when I went to check out Horror Tree, I didn’t look back far enough I guess. I’m glad you posted this. Read it now. SO creative! LOVE the clever way your brain works!!!

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  2. These are awesome! I know you posted a disclaimer, but I’m going to go ahead and say – as a Sag, (via haunt jaunt) that yes, I’d be found in all the national parks, seeking the truth, and having packed nothing. (via dead in the water) Yes, I’d be there for the adventure, and activism, then I’d prolly be gone without telling anyone. In real life, I’ve annoyed folks by forgetting to say goodbye. Oops. 😊

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    1. This is so cool re: your feedback. That’s so weird that I’m nailing these…I mean, I did do some research, and had some general idea of the signs’ qualities, but I’m pretty much just making this stuff up! I’m so glad they are fitting the signs, for sure!


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