Nature’s Decorated for October…What About You?

Hunter's Moon 2
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I hope you all are enjoying the Halloween-y glow of the Hunter’s Moon!

Nature’s sure putting on a show…so how about you? If you haven’t decided on your Halloween decorating theme, Haunt Jaunts and I are swooping in to the rescue!

Hunter's moon 1
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In celebration of both the Hunter’s Moon, and my favourite season, I’m offering a special on tarot card readings from now to November 6th. Simply mention the code “Six for Six” to receive a six-card draw for six dollars (PayPal) in an email to croftwillow [at] yahoo {dot] com! (One code redemption per person, please.)

Happy Haunting!

Hunter's Moon Tarot
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25 thoughts on “Nature’s Decorated for October…What About You?

      1. Pumpkins on the porch – white ghosts and spider webs and we live on a hill – have lights along the edge of the driveway up to the house. We have plastic pumpkins that fit over top of the lights so there are pumpkins all the way up the hill. Rather “EEK-worthy”……….

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  1. That’s so cool that you offer tarot card readings! Speaking of dressing up, I’d better get my costume together… We have a wreath on the house but haven’t got any other decor for the season since we moved in last year. Hopefully next year!

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