2023 has almost descended!

Happy New Year to those who celebrate it at this time of year!

I’m back from my mini-sabbatical, but haven’t figured out shit, except that I think I really, really want to move to Canada, after an on the fly comment-convo with My Dang Blog, and this post from Christy Birmingham: https://whenwomeninspire.com/2022/12/22/report-womens-healthcare-equality/.

(But that’s a long term goal.)

Anyhoo…I’d figure I’d set you a little fun “game”–make one fortune-telling-esque prediction for 2023–feel free to get as Mulder-out-there as you want–your imagination is the only limit! Please share your prediction in the comments! (Yes, only one!)

Also, I’m pitching this one last time (*laugh*) before I move onto my next kinda-sorta strategy–message me if you want a 2023 fast-track tarot reading–3-card spread for 3 dollars. (I accept payments via Paypal.)

And I got this wonderful planner as a gift over the holiday break (not an affiliate link or any of that stuff). Check it out here: https://nationaldaycalendar.com/store/#!/2023-Planner-for-Entrepreneurs-Marketing-Sales/p/504344692/category=140833111.

See you on the flip side!

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39 thoughts on “2023 has almost descended!

  1. Ooh, fortune telling! Okay: The Bones say that Dark Brandon will secretly deploy Jewish Space Lasers to melt the tires on Elon Musk’s Private Jet the next time he tweets support for a fascist regime somewhere in the world.

    Put it on your bingo card.

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  2. Happy New Year! With the help of some astrologers I watch, I predict you’ll see a change in circumstances (for the better) in March due to some unexpected financial gains. (So many of them are saying this for Virgo this year.) And I hope it’s enough to help make your dream of moving to Canada come true! I will live that dream vicariously through you!

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