To (Not) Boldly Go…

This is what futuristic-art book covers looked like when I was a kid.

It’s Science Fiction Day!

There seems to be always something going around the internet about how people in some foregone era envisioned the world in 2023/in future times.

Although I read a lot of science fiction in middle school (ask me how much I regret getting rid of my Isaac Asimov Foundation series!) and I grew up with the excitement, and tragedy, of the space shuttle launches, I didn’t spend a lot of time imagining what the future would be like, in terms of technological advancements.

I did dream about space, though, and I imagined a space travel that was like comfortably swimming through a pool of stars and floating down to the surface of planets.

In order to learn more about the planets in actuality, I had to sneak into my brother’s room when he wasn’t there, and do covert reads of his Our Universe book. Because, you know, science-is-for-boys and all that nonsense.


But mainly when I daydreamed, it was about past eras in history. Like prehistoric pasts. I only went so far as to hope that future worlds would revert to a natural utopia but without all the consuming-natural-resources-for-people-survival. I did like the concept of the Cloud City (but without the mining aspect) or some sort of self-contained habitat for people, however–a biosphere floating above the Earth biosphere where nature was allowed to do its thing.

How did you imagine the future to be when/if you daydreamed? What sci-fi books were your favourites, or what would recommend?

Oh, and here’s another fun little activity, if you want. Pinterest has released its “Pinterest Predicts 2023” and one of the predictions was that fashion would definitely take a spin around the intergalactic universe.

(My personal prediction is that there will be a “futuristic witch” gender fluid aesthetic emerge sometime. I also imagine that woven textiles and earth tones and such will be used in more urbanish/futuristic type clothing. Like steampunk meets hippie.

So if you want to imagine your own design vision for 2023, share the links to your Pinterest page (if you have one) in the comments and I’ll hop over and take a look!

(Which, truthfully, is also a confession that I haven’t managed to gravitate over to Mastodon yet! *smiles*)

Happy Science Fiction Day!

35 thoughts on “To (Not) Boldly Go…

  1. My sci-fi thoughts were formed around Star Trek and I particularly thought their spandex “onesie” look was quite practical. Zip yourself in and out quickly instead of layers of cover ups, buttons, hemlines, slips showing, matching socks, stripes, plaids, flowers – – the nice neat closet full of “onesies” appealed to me. I quite liked the idea of beaming down to visit then returning to the mother ship for more adventures. Wonder if that will ever be???????? Happy Sci Fi Day.


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    1. Oh, yeah, I forgot to bring up in the post that I have a Star Trek “onesie” for cosplay…it’s from Star Trek: Enterprise…and I, too, love it! Happy Sci Fi Day! Let’s beam somewhere for a drink or a cup of tea! Ha!


  2. I read “Foundation” many years ago and enjoyed it, but it was so long ago (like, high school long ago) that I don’t remember it very well, which I think allowed me to enjoy the Apple TV+ “Foundation” series more than Foundation super-fans did, who savaged it pretty mercilessly. Of course I still read a lot of SF ― some of my favorites include the “Pandora’s Star”/”Judas Unchained” duology by Peter F. Hamilton, “A Fire Upon the Deep” by Vernor Vinge, and the “Remembrance of Earth’s Past” trilogy by Liu Cixin.

    Oh, and, happy New Year!

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    1. Yeah, I almost hate to re-read books from a certain reading era from when I was about ten to about twelve. Such vivid memories! One summer I got a bunch of Vinge books from the library and had a Vinge sci-fi summer! I want to check out Cixin’s books for sure! (And, totally random, but jeez, I feel very low-energy creatively speaking. Ha!)


  3. I too read the Foundation series a long time ago but in Swedish. I no longer have those books. What I felt about science fiction literature was that they tended to jump ahead on things like spaceflight and AI while being bad at guessing entirely new developments. Look at 2001 and 2010, our spaceflights are much more primitive than what Clarke had imagined. HAL, well today’s AI is very far from that. On the other hand even the best science fiction authors typically didn’t predict cell phones, GPS, and internet. People tend to extrapolate current trends and what currently seems amazing, and that doesn’t work well. Some things are hard and will not be as amazing in the future as one hope and some things are surprises waiting to happen.

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  4. What a fun post! I’m not on Pinterest but now I know where to find you, and have a new idea for how to use it, if I ever do get back on it. (Which, I had an account at one time, maybe still do? Haven’t used it in years. It’s one that I fall down the rabbit hole FAST! Talk about something straight out of sci-fi…time jump! I start at one time and am shocked to return to reality 4 hours later like only 4 minutes had passed! lol)

    And as far as sci-fi books…I didn’t get into that genre as a kid, book-wise. The Star Wars movies however, which I know is more sci-fantasy…I was ALL about them! And one of my all-time fave movies even to this day was Logan’s Run. I was also particularly fond of the Buck Rogers series. lol

    And I had no idea how the future would look when I was a kid. I just hoped not like Logan’s Run! But looking around now, my inner child is often amazed at all this tech in our lives, and takes particular delight in being able to snap movies and photos with a portable phone. And I LOVE working out in all sorts of places (the Great Wall, a Spanish coastline, a Chilean desert, over a volcano) thanks to VR and Supernatural on my Meta/Occulus headset. SO sci fi! lol

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    1. Yeah, I know, re: Pinterest! I got on there after a looong time away, and it was pretty much about the same thing with the lost time! Ha! I should look at Logan’s Run–I don’t think I’ve seen it. My fav movie when I was a kid was Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone. And, wow, that headset sounds amazing for workouts. I get so bored while working out. Ha!


  5. I actually still own a copy of that Our Universe book and have made sure it was out on the shelves where my daughters could read it. Its ideas about what life on Saturn’s moon Titan could be like influenced my science fiction universe. What’s more, the pages about solar astronomy at Kitt Peak show a fellow I would ultimately work with in my “day” job.

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    1. OMG that is so awesome! When I was looking for the pic of the book cover, I was like “I gotta get that someday to add to my book collection!” Even you just remembering that little bit from the book brought back a rush of memories! How rad is that, that you have a copy of it still!

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      1. Okay, so…where is the collector’s guide link?!?!?! ROFL! I read just about anything under the sun…books, poetry, random signs as I’m travelling, brochures…okay, I’ll stop, since you probably get the picture! Ha!


  6. I absolutely love your predictions! I’d love to see some hippy-tech in the future. I think we will likely diverge more and more-those who embrace new tech to the point of modifying their bodies, etc. versus those clinging to nature and it’s magic (only still using tech to protect and defend animals/plant life).

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  7. Anonymous

    I read everything from Asimov, Clarke, and Heinlein. Then Star Trek hit and I wanted to be Spock. I tried to purge emotion from my brain. Not much luck there.

    Really thought we’d have jet packs and flying cars everywhere by now. Colonies on Luna, Mars and Ganymede.

    I met Gene Cernan a few years back and he was sad that, fifty years later, he was still the last person to stand on the Moon.

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