Lollygagging into 2023…

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Recently, I wrote an article over on LinkedIn about how 2023 could be the year of the slowdown (in a proactive way). I’m not slowing down much myself, but I am taking some time out here and there for some fun things that don’t really accomplish anything useful. *gasp*

The pressure is on, though, to get the income needed to help me escape what I’m now calling the Nightmare Hell Zone* (and not in a fun way), so I’ve been applying for jobs in brick-and-mortar locations as well as online remote-work locations. One thought I’ve recently had was that I could maybe get a job with a chain and then use that to transfer to another location in the United States, or, perhaps even more wishful-thinking, transfer to a Canadian locale!

Anyway, until I go figure things out (or win the lottery–the HGTV dream home–Travel Channel Sweepstakes), I’m sharing some links for you to stroll through as you, yourselves, meander into 2023.

(Unless, of course, you just want to stop reading here, and go write a snail mail letter or take a day off next week to hang out with your houseplant BFFs. That’s fine too!)

Here’s January’s “Tarot Card Readings for Inspiration”: and their snarky horoscope sidekick:

And if another bomb cyclone is bearing down on you again, check out my “Cultivating Winter Magic” post as well: Who says you can’t go out in style, right?

*Want to exercise your creative muscles? Feel free to share (in the comments) your own wild and wacky names for a terrifying town in rural U.S.A.!

30 thoughts on “Lollygagging into 2023…

  1. Suck Rock is a nickname we used to give to a small town south of Albuquerque.

    While it’s not exactly rural, once I learned that people from Las Cruces are called Las Cruceans, I immediately thought of Lost Crustaceans, which feels kind of Lovecraftian.

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    1. Ha, but that could be a good place for a horror writer to move too! (I’m actually still holding out hope for a relocation to that part of the country!) Thanks for participating and livening up the comments!


  2. I can’t picture you lollygagging. Glad to find out you’re actually not. You’re title fooled me! lol

    And funny you ask about a terrifying town name. That’s partially what’s stumping me with my next novel. I had the name Shadyside, until someone pointed out it’s a real neighborhood in PA. (Which won’t work because if people Google, that’s what they’ll find first.) AND THEN Netflix went and did a Fear Street trilogy with the same name.

    So…I’ve been tossing some names around and trying to find one that excites me as much as Shadyside did. The book’s 90% written (and has been so for the last 10 years!!!), but refuses to budge across the finish line until I can settle on the name. Which I have a few I’m playing with but I feel like putting them out there will jinx it.

    Anyway, that’s my goal this year. To pick a name and finish. I will say though that it is set in a ghost town that formerly manufactured mannequins, the remains of which may or may not come to life…

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      1. GREAT point! AND I just finished (like YESTERDAY!) “Murder at Teal’s Pond” which was a true crime that somewhat inspired Twin Peaks. So yeah. You’re totally not joking about it being a ” serendipitous/synchronrous sort of week, for sure!” either! lol

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      2. Ha, yeah, that’s cool! And I try to be very practical and all that, but I had two intuitive hits where I was just thinking idly about something and then *poof* it popped up a few seconds/minutes later. Weird!

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