On [Not] Labouring Away…

Tomorrow’s Labor/Labour Day, which for us in the U.S. and Canada, we take a day off work in honour of the labour rights movement and unions and such.

Although I’m usually a very industrious worker bee, lately I’ve just been feeling less than motivated to do, well, anything.

And my circumstances have changed, and I really need to hustle to find a source of income, so I can’t really afford to slack off.

But if there was ever an argument against not working, I’d say it’s my mock horoscopes for September, for sure!


Who wants to join my utopian community? *passes out copies of William Morris’s News from Nowhere*

Here’s my tarot card reading for September, over at Horror Tree, if you need some more inspiration for the coming times. https://horrortree.com/september-2022-tarot-cards-forplanning-really/